Good Case Study About Besides Contact Information, We Could Create The Following Reports

Published: 2021-07-10 04:50:04
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- If your database contained data about 1,000 vendors (using the same fields contained in this exercise), what other types of reports (besides contact information) could you create with the data?
- Report showing the preferred vendors.
- Report showing vendors from a particular state, city, or locality.
- Report showing preferred vendors from a particular state, city, or locality.
- Report showing international vendors or vendors who use currencies different from the local currency – sorted on currency.
- How would these reports assist you in preparing your solution to your case study?
These reports show that the data we store about the vendors is incomplete. We need to store the items that this vendor provides. The minimum order level for each product, the amount owing to the vendors. If this information is available, we can better assess which vendors are profitable and which ones are too expensive to maintain. This information can help us make our supply chain more efficient and cost effective.
The report showing preferred vendors would help in bringing these vendors to the notice of the managers. If this report contains the details about purchases from these vendors, the management could reassess whether these vendors should continue with the preferred status or not.
A report showing vendors from a particular locality and the details about their preferred status as well as purchases from them can help identify if any of the local managers are intentionally giving business to certain vendors despite the prices being high.
In short, a database can help store a large amount of data and the data can then be presented in various forms to help the management take strategic decisions.

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