Good Book Review About Knowing The Spirit

Published: 2021-07-09 15:35:05
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Book Review of Knowing the Spirit by Colin Dye
In the book Knowing the Spirit by Colin Dye, it becomes clear that there are people who are still puzzled by the powers of the Holy Spirit and its role in the holy trinity. In as much as the Holy Spirit is always referred to as ‘it’, it is imperative to note that he is an entity that completes the holy trinity. It is for this reason that the Holy Spirit can be known at a personal level and that it can affect a person and how they live.
The spirit is a distinct person who is just as real as the person of Jesus Christ. It is easier to understand the spirit and the role it plays by studying the book. A personal relationship with the spirit helps a person know the spirit better. It played a very critical role in the Old Testament just as it did in Jesus. After the ascension of Christ to heaven, he left his apostles with the spirit and it is the one that took his place. It is therefore imperative to appreciate the fact that the spirit plays a very important role on earth, especially after Jesus went to heaven.
People can get into partnership with the spirit if they wanted and this is what defines true intimacy with it. The book is grounded in the bible right from the Old Testament to the New Testament. The Holy Spirit is worth reckoning and Dye tries as much to use bible references which help understand the subject better. Together with God the Father and Jesus Christ, the spirit is considered one of them and they work together for the common good of man.
Work Cited
Dye, Colin. Knowing the Spirit. Kent: Sovereign World, 1997

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