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Published: 2021-07-07 07:30:04
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The novel ‘Silent Spring’ was authored by Rachael Carson. The novel, ‘Silent Spring’ presents a vivid review of the manner in which the environment has been bargained or compromised by some of the most effective pesticides. An example of these pesticides is the DDT. Carson’s major argument in this book is based on the negative impacts of the pesticides that were used in agricultural activities. She insisted that the pesticides killed bugs. However, there was a more serious issue that she intended to address than just mentioning the obvious reason behind implementing the pesticide solution in agriculture. The book was published about 50 years ago, and has been used by Carson to influence the environmental movements that have never established it roots within the 19th century. This essay aims at creating a critical review of the novel ‘Silent Spring’ with the aim of establishing the themes and perspectives behind the success of the scholarly work with reference to the environment.
The book addresses the feasible alteration of the food chain which is caused by use of pesticides (Jameson, 2012). Particularly, the pesticides commenced interfering with the food chain of the birds and the fish. This was one danger that the environmental ecosystem was being imposed. Most importantly, Rachael Carson does not make empty reservations and claims about the issue. She had gathered adequate data which purported the claim. Most of the scientific communities had also reached a similar conclusion. Thanks to Rachael Carson since broadly put the issue to a public position.
The effort by Rachael Carson, through the novel ‘Silent Spring,' was a sign of being a citizen in the scientific world who had the love for the revolution in the environment. The book has gathered a large level of interest by readers who were thrilled by the information that Carson intended to pass on to the entirety. The book manifests a strong case that develops the ideology of poisoned nature of humankind. In the books, Carson expresses herself and implies the heels of humankind, as well as, the destructive endeavors that engaged in result to conditions that are poisonous to human beings (Carson, 2007). The book creates a clear implication and representation of the relentless human intercession to pollute the environment. That is; the book creates a better manner in which modern ecology is popularized.
The book has information that imposes a challenge to humankind. First, the book implies that a series of environmentally degrading activities have taken place. However, there are not rightful human efforts that have been attributed to making changes to the situation. Ideally, no one has come up with essential and realistic ideas to address the impact of the issues addressed in the novel ‘Silent Spring.' There is no substantial deficiency in the level of environmental expertise implanted in intellects around the globe. In addition, it is not feasible that there are no forums that have been affected concerning the issues affecting the environment such as the gradual climatic change. Ideally, the books try to remind the human beings regime those impacts of unhandled climatic hazards such as global warming. One of the hazardous results to these issues is the ultimate death of the nature.
Rachael Carson in her book ‘Silent Spring’ was able to recapture the attention of the entire citizenship repeatedly. She garnered the general public’s fancy, as well as, the nation’s conscience with perspective to the environmental elements. In the history of environment conscience, the author of the novel Silent Spring acquired the title ‘the nun of nature’ (Jameson, 2012). The success of the book is the influence by the historical background of the author, Rachael Carson. A briefing of the family members is one of the sources of the information backing up her zeal to address environmental issues. She lived in the neighborhood of a company that slaughtered horses. Her sister worked in a coal fired plants. Ideally, these scenarios are responsible for part of the environmental degradation.
Accordingly, the initial perspective that the novel ‘Silent Spring’ undertakes is mythical. It is re-laid under the slogan “A fable for tomorrow." Carson tries to elaborate and implicate the essentiality of establishing a hearty city within the American vicinity where people could live in accommodating surroundings (Glotfelty, 2000). However, the book addresses target audience such as the housewives. Essentially, the novel addresses the need for people to understand the need to develop and appreciate a feasible livelihood inhibited in an area where all the constructions and residents do not collide with the requirements of nature (Carson, 2007). Like the related environmental texts, the dominant aim of the text is directed towards the demanding situation where people have to take personal charge over the occurrences of nature that people have neglected. The book defies that so called human defiance towards nature.
Ideally, the book does not only offer an analysis of the pesticides that are synthetic. It cites the possibility of the technological advancements causing a portion of environmental degradation. Ideally, if the technology is not handled, it may lead to uncontrollable impacts. Firstly, the initial chapters indicate a mythical slogan on the table for tomorrow (Carson, 2007). In the book’s ideology of the Elixirs of Death is well elaborated and explained with effect to the environmental factors.
In the fourth chapter of the book, a systematic analysis of the environment has been attributed to the insecticide use. Further, the books implicate that the chemicals move towards the soil and in return cause a permanent change in the soil compositing and status (Jameson, 2012). There is a chain of impacts that are deemed to happen. For instance, the insects and other creatures that are effective in the decomposition of the soil are affected. Most probably, these creatures die. On the other side, the book gives an evidenced account of the manner in which the birds die due to the application of the insecticides on plants. The ecosystem within the globe is faced by the threat of being eroded.
The book is effective in the manner is it issues the problem and the possible preventive measure that can be undertaken to control the excessive environmental degradation. The book is effective is explaining the needless 'havoc' campaign which is deemed to implicate the ineffectiveness in killing the pesticides. Ideally, the author tries to show a balance between the advantages and the disadvantages of using the insecticides. Instead, she proposes that the government and individuals incorporate naturally effective methods of pest control (Lytle, 2007). Ideally, the whole process incorporates differentiated campaigns that are improvised with an intention of controlling the impacts of using the pesticides in controlling pests. Different poisoning by this chemical even makes the evidence more thrilling since it links to the lives of human beings.
Conclusively, the book ‘Silent Spring’ is entirely embraced within the environmental arena. That is; there are different perspectives that can cause environmental degradation. The author, who wrote this content under the influence of her experience, tries to show the major sources of the environmental degradation. Vital consideration has been taken about the dimensions that the uses of pesticides have caused to the environment. For instance, the idea of distracting the food chains as allied to the ecosystem balance.
The novel brings about realistic solutions to the extensive environmental problems caused by the degradation of the environment (Glotfelty, 2000). For instance, the solution of substituting the chemical pesticides with other natural methods that is environmentally friendly. Essentially, the natural introduction of parasites that can fight against the pesticides that are deemed to affect the crops has been taken as part of the most important aspects in reducing environmental degradation. According to Carson, the methods proposed in the campaigns are cheap and safe, as well as, environmental friendly.
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