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Published: 2021-07-03 15:20:04
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On most days, I regret waking up late especially when the sun is already up and seeping in the creaks of my window. It only reminds me that I just wasted a good part of my life as I am not able to enjoy the sunrise and thus, missed the beautiful colors of dawn. But what am I to do? With all the studying and other responsibilities I have, there is not much choice for me but to relish a few more minutes of sleep. But today was different. Last night, I decided to make changes in my routine to fully enjoy and experience life, thus, when an opportunity to truly experience every minute of the day, I grabbed it.

I began the day at 5 o’clock this morning. I jogged around the neighborhood for a good 45 minutes while I enjoyed the coolness of the early morning breeze. As I gazed through my surroundings, I took pleasure in seeing the flowers in full bloom as well as the trees with their green, green leaves. When I reached the block where I live, I slowed down my pace and began my cool down exercises that included brisk walking. After 15 minutes, I went inside the house and prepared my breakfast of ham, eggs, bread, and orange juice. I bathed and changed into my jeans and t-shirt as I prepared to go to a friend’s house to do our assignments. Normally, I do my assignments independently, but this is a special project that must be completed as a group.
When I reached home, I unpacked the groceries and kept everything in the pantry. Then, I went to my bedroom and turned on my laptop to check my emails.

I realized I have not updated yet my resume, thus, it was the best time for me to review and update my CV in preparation for my future career. I added further credentials under my name to make my resume more attractive to future employers. After completing my resume, I went down to help my mother prepare dinner for the family. Soon, I was already watching some local TV shows and listening to music inside my room. I read a few pages of my bedside book, checked my schedule for the following day, and then fell asleep at around 11 o’clock.


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