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Published: 2021-06-27 12:50:05
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Malala Yousafzai is a hero of millions including me for her bravery and works that she is doing. People call Malala the bravest girl of modern times because she kept doing what she wanted to do irrespective of death threats from one of deadliest terrorist groups of the world, Taliban. We are going to discuss Malala Yousafzai, her works and several other related aspects in this paper.

Malala was born in a muslim family of Pakistan on 12 July 1997. She was educated by her father, ziaudiin yousafzai who owned a chain of schools. Malala wanted to be a doctor but her father wanted her to be a politician. She was trained that way by her father and both used to discuss politics regularly (Yousafzai and Lamb). Malala started advocating for education rights and spoke at a seminar in Peshawar. Malala questioned and opposed Taliban and Taliban opinion about the education of girl education.

Malala used to write blog for BBC and shared her opinion on education and current state of affairs in contemporary Pakistan. Pakistan as well as her home town mingora was faced threats from Taliban. Taliban threatened all the schools of the area to shut their doors for girls and also threatened parents to not send their girls to school. Taliban destroyed hundreds of girl schools and their announcement showed its effect. Girl Schools and co-ed schools were banned but boys’ schools were opened. People started fleeing from swat valley (Rowell).

Malala and her family took refuge in other places while her father went to Peshawar. Malala along with several other girl students made an emotional appeal from US and other powers to intervene and help them in getting education. Pakistani government in between started operations against Taliban and they were pushed out of the region. People started returning into their home from refugee camps. Schools were reopened. As soon as Malala’s diary with BBC came to an end, she was approached by other media houses including New York Times for a documentary. Her interviews were telecasted on several other radio and television channels. She became a known face in Pakistan and also in the world (Wallace).

She became popular but also she became vulnerable. She was on the radars of terrorists and was given several death threats by Taliban via newspapers, bills and also on social networking websites but she did not fear and continued raising her voice. Malala was shot by a Taliban terrorist while she was boarding on her school bus on 9th of October in the year 2012. She sustained bullet injuries in her head and spine and was taken into Peshawar hospital in a very critical condition where she was operated. She was offered medical treatment from various parts of the world and she was sent for further treatment in England and Germany (TheGuardian).

Malala attracted the attention from all sections of the world. She met big leaders of the world including US president and queen of England. She urged every leader to help her mission and got assurances from everyone. She, along with studying, is working for the education of girls and at every platform keeps raising her voice. She is a real hero of modern times and fighting for a real cause to provide education for children. Malala is a leader who leads the campaign in order to improve the lives of millions by providing them education.

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