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Published: 2021-07-08 02:10:04
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Once when I was a child, I spent a week in the hospital, and what impressed me most of all was the helplessness of people who experienced different health problems. Then I first thought about the way science can decrease the scope of human suffering. Later human physiology and the cellular mechanisms have become of great interest to me and now I am passionate to become a professional scientist.
My further studies only increased my curiosity in learning about pathology in the biomedical field. In order to stay up-to-date with the latest developments and technologies in the biomedical sciences, I spent much time reading publications and research reports on new diseases and treatments. I still remember reading an article by the National Cancer Institute regarding the link between HIV infection and cancer risk. That finding inspired me to pay more attention to the way in which diseases interact with the immune system because such observations can tell us more about potential cures.
Currently I am an International Science Foundation student at King’s College London University. During my first year major in anatomy and human biology I have gained great experience and improved my skills. Firstly, I learned more about human anatomy and diseases. Secondly, I became almost proficient in writing lab reports due to numerous experiments in the chemistry lab. Thirdly, I improved my critical thinking skills through making research papers. What is more, I learned to be more persuasive while presenting different material to the audience.
Studying at King’s College London University is a unique experience for me. However, I believe that it is Carnegie Mellon University, which will contribute greatly to my professional and personal development. As the top educational establishment highly recognized for its academic excellence, Carnegie Mellon University provides multiple opportunities for deep research on biological sciences, which is of great interest to me. I am convinced that transfer to this university will help me acquire all the skills and knowledge necessary to become a successful scientist.
What is more, I am transferring because I am convinced that it will be easier for me to study the American curriculum since I graduated from an American school and got used to it. Also, transferring will move me closer towards my family, which is very important for me.
I have read much about the campus life at Carnegie Mellon University and now I am willing to become an active member of the student community. I dream to contribute to the creation of a unique campus culture. I also believe that my skills will help me support other students in achieving their goals, which will further develop my communication and teaching skills.
My previous work experiences only strengthened my wish to help people through scientific research and at the same time improved my skills. When I worked in Qatar in a nursing home for the elderly and when I volunteered as a classroom assistant, I understood that such traits of character as patience, responsibility, and empathy are extremely important in interaction with people. I believe that conducting scientific research with the aim of saving lives or reducing suffering is a way of interaction with people as well. At the nursing home and at school I learned to communicate with different people irrespective of their age or position, which is a unique experience for a future biomedical scientist. I also worked at a marketing exhibition, where I assisted customers.
All in all, I am sure that my experience may be beneficial in the field of biomedical science. Interacting with public and meeting the needs of different customers strengthened my confidence, increased my efficiency and improved my multi-tasking skills. I spent much time working under pressure and now I am able to make deliberate decisions in stressful situations and meet the deadlines without mistakes. Such experience will be highly valuable while working in a hospital or a laboratory.
In light of the intensity of studying at Carnegie Mellon University, I am sure that I will handle both the academic program demands and outside responsibilities successfully with the help of my hobbies, which include swimming, taekwondo and singing. Swimming is important for me not only because it improves my health, but also because it trains my stamina, which is necessary to deal with stress and pressure for anyone in healthcare profession. Taekwondo is great as it helps me maintain a healthy brain and find balance between work and studies and personal life. Singing national songs on radio in a team taught me cooperation, respect of the partner and teamwork.
Finally, I am strongly convinced that transferring to Carnegie Mellon University will assist me in achieving my professional goals and will help me realize my dream of changing the world for the better. My skills and experience as well as strong interest and motivation will definitely make it easier for me to handle the demands of the academic program and to become a professional scientist in the field of biomedicine in the nearest future.

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