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Published: 2021-06-28 18:15:04
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This article gives highlights of the way sexuality was perceived in the seventeenth century. It is clear that sexuality was characterized by a lot of frankness where people could just talk about sexual practices without any secrecy. The codes regulating the sexual practices utterances were more lax in the seventeenth century compared to those of the nineteenth century. The children were engaged in the affairs of the adult without any concern or fear by their parents. The article therefore gives more emphasis on the way the issue of sexuality was perceived both in the seventeenth century as well the nineteenth century.
In the nineteenth century it is clearly seen that the subject of sexuality became a subject matter of the family thereby attracting the need of silence. The issue of secrecy became of importance in relation to the subject of sexuality. The family therefore maintained high levels of secrecy and norms in order to guard the reputation of the family. Sexuality was therefore referred to be a bedroom issue which should not be discussed in the presence of the children.
This article also gives an elaboration on aspects relating to the expression of sexuality in the modern world and the way the churches handles the whole issue of sexuality in the society. This issue has raised controversy and concern. The religious aspects pertaining to sexuality were therefore handled fully in this article. The article also analyze the way the state or the government handles the issue of sexuality among the citizens. This therefore helped in educating the children on the ways to handle the sexual matters or issues in the society in the nineteenth century.
In conclusion, the article gives an elaboration on aspects of sexuality in the society. The article therefore gives ways in which the people handled the issues of sexuality. It outlines the perceptions of people towards sexuality in the society.
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Foucault, Michel. The History of Sexuality. New York: Pantheon Books, 1978. Print.

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