Free Research Proposal On Spirit Baptism

Published: 2021-07-08 12:00:05
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Thesis Statement
Spirit baptism, according to many Christian doctrines refers to washing of the body of a Christian with the spirit. This is, usually, accompanied with the restoration of spiritual gifts to the baptized individual. The Christian definition of Spirit baptism is an occurrence whereby the Holy Spirit joins the believer with Christ and other believers who are also joined with Christ. The event of spirit baptism is therefore of vital importance since it helps Christians get connected to the body of Christ and in so doing get more spiritual fulfillment than in ordinary water baptisms.
Need for the Study
The study is important in that it helps figure out how charismatic theology relates to spirit baptism and the spiritual gift that comes with it. It forms one of the basics of Christian faith. The definition of spiritual baptism says it all. One of the first instances of charismatic renewal has similarities with those of spirit baptism. Pentecostalism that is synonymous with charismatic theology was initiated with speaking in tongues. This is one of the signs of the spiritual gift that comes with spiritual baptism. Understanding spirit baptism helps one understand the fundamental nature of this community of Christians.
The study will also help understand the historical significance of baptism by spirit to the Christian religion. It is widely believed that the first church or communion of Christians was at Pentecost. This was the first instance of spirit baptism ever seen where Christians were able to talk in tongues, and only they could understand each other.
Another reason for the study is that it helps to figure out the comparison between charismatic theology and Pentecostalism. The study will help show that Pentecostalism is of the opinion that the gift of the spirit comes after the spirit baptism and is accompanied by speaking in tongues. Charismatic theologians also believe in this but do not necessarily believe in the accompaniment of the spirit. The study helps understand this and more distinction between these two factions.
This study will also help understand what the first to the fourth wave is in charismatic theology terms. The study will show that the first wave is Pentecostalism. The second is synonymous with a charismatic renewal while the third is of a group that is a moderate version of the second. Finally, the study will show which of the two doctrines are theological and which are biblical. Pentecostalism is of the opinion that the spirit only comes after spiritual baptism like in the Pentecost. This opinion is, therefore, biblical compared to the theological viewpoint of charismatic theology.
The Procedure of the Study
Preparation and Collection of Data
The data will be collected using various means so as to ensure that the data consists of a variety of opinions. The variety of options will ensure that the data is not biased in any way and that it has integrity. Some of the methods used will include interviews, field observations and gathering from relevant databases since this are some of the best ways to collect unbiased data.
Data Analysis
The data collected will be analyzed by a variety of experts in the field. This will ensure that the data is not corrupt or biased by one analyst’s personal views. Qualitative and quantitative methods of data collection will be used to cross reference each other. Investigators will be used to find out consistency of investigations.
Report Preparation
The report will consist of qualitative data analyzed from the collected information. The report will attempt to answer that is posed by the research question as comprehensively as possible.
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