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Published: 2021-07-02 07:25:04
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Research outline
- Abstract
- Introduction
- Concept
- Research problem
- Research questions
- Research objectives
- Research justification
- Limitations of the study
- Assumptions
- Scope of the study
- Ethical considerations
- Literature review
- Research methodology
As the country advances towards a complex integration of healthcare systems, healthcare providers will be required to have a workforce with health information technology (HIT) skills. The workforce will support the use of electronic health records in this complicated environment. There are concerns, and the need to develop health information technology human resource that will help achieve effective implementation of HIT programs worldwide. There is limited research in this field because previous research focused on rations of staffing, the roles of some professions, what was lacking, qualifications in order to lead, and the competencies required for these positions. Other issues that were important included the need to have the workforce available and having a diverse HIT workforce in this environment.
Currently, there is no framework that is used to develop a health information technology workforce to serve the growth of technology in the workforce. There is no concern that has been developed to have enough HIT workforce. There is a lack of strategy in place to develop workforce to help in the integration of technology in the healthcare sector.
Research questions
This research paper will be guided by the following research questions:
- What technologies are being integrated into the healthcare sectors?
- What strategy should be used to develop a healthcare information technology workforce?
- What framework should be developed by healthcare players to develop HIT workforce?
Potential answers to the questions
- The potential answer for the first question is that health record and data management are being integrated to the healthcare sector. There are information that are being used. For example, OpenMRS and MRS.
- One strategy could be raising the bar for health information technology recruits. They should have health care information technologies and should understand what is needed of them.
- The framework would entail the relationship of workforce workflow and their roles depending on the qualifications of the workforce.
Preliminary thesis
The enhancement of technological integration in the healthcare sector requires a new workforce that will work with these technologies. The current situation in the healthcare sector shows a lack of health information technology workforce.
Research area boundary
The research will focus on the challenges, strategies, and working frameworks that can be used to develop competent healthcare information technology workforce.
This research will help develop a framework that will be used to develop healthcare information technology workforce. This framework will help integrate technology in the healthcare workforce for reliability and efficient integration of technology in the workforce. The research will also help analyze the technologies that are required to be used in the healthcare organization. There is a need to understand the technologies that should be integrated into the workforce. It will help come up with strategies that will be followed when deciding the technologies that should be used in the healthcare setting. The research will help bring the strategies that should be integrated into the development of competent workforce for this research. It is important to have a strategy that will be used in the development of the workforce that will work in this dynamic work environment. Finally, the research paper will help espouse the extent in which health information technology workforce development has gone. This will help understand what is still lacking in this process of developing the workforce.
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