Free Personal Statement On Good Business Leaders Create A Vision, Articulate The Vision

Published: 2021-07-10 17:30:04
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Islamic Arts: My Dream, My Vision
passionately own the vision, and relentless drive it to completion.”
Jack Welch
Employed as General Manager at Setia Motors in Brunei, my dream is to contribute to the company’s growth and intelligent designs, as well as continue to provide responsive leadership.
When joining the company five years ago, it was the sole distributor of Hyundai vehicles and needed a “turn-a-round” to remain competitive in the automobile industry. Under my management, in part,it is now one of the top three automotive brands in Brunei. Providing creative thinking and hands-on management skills enabled me to be an asset to the company and shows concentrated focus on achieving a goal.
During undergraduate and graduate studies, I maintained a 3.33 GPA which clearly demonstrates my ability to successfully complete the doctorate program. Another factor to consider is the number of awards earned while actively employed. Specifically, I have earned “MostPromisingEntrepreneurship Award in 2012 by APEA Brunei Category, Most Outstanding Entrepreneurship Award in 2014 by APEA BimpEaga Category, and Century International Quality ERA Award in 2014 by BID Group One–Geneva.” In addition to these awards, I also acquired the “Jaguar Land Rover Franchise” (JLR) in 2012 in the UK, which reaffirms good business leadership.
The short-term goal is to revitalize my interest in Islamic Arts and successfully complete academic studies at your prestigious university by gaining as much knowledge as possible.My long-term goal is to apply and contribute this new knowledge and artistic skills at JLR.
Prince’s School of Traditional Artsis well known for specializing in the world’s great traditions by promoting practice and theory through the Visual Islamic and Traditional Arts Program. Offering anextensive curriculum and numerous opportunities to explore, practice and solve problems while meeting contemporary needs. Therefore, your graduate program will give me the knowledge, skills, and experiences to implement my vision and make the dream become a reality.
I am a committed business leader, who has the passion and drive to successfully complete all academic requirements – all that’s needed is acceptance of my application for admission.
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