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Published: 2021-06-30 06:15:05
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In June, 1972 the law Title IX of the Education Amendments passed and signed by President Richard Nixon Congress. This milestone legislation applied to give the equal opportunities for both boys and girls in American sports and other fields. People considered this law will effects only equality in sports, but Title IX has great impact on the education system (Tompkins, 2009).
Impact of Title IX on Education
According to NFSHSA statistics in 1972 only seven percent of high school sports participants were females and these days the number has increased up to 40 percent. Title IX has also significantly enhanced learning opportunities as well as increased women’s participation in higher education. Females students were 42% in colleges and universities prior to the law approved, However, in 2004 this percentage increased to 57%.Consequently, it has become simple for women to imagine higher-skilled positions in their area of expertise which includes corporate executives and politicians (Tompkins, 2009). Before title IX passed there are some educational institute which gave admission to boys only or they approved females to educate only for those fields which colleges found right for women such as housekeeping. However, currently there are more females than men enrolled in colleges and it is illegal to refuse admission on bases of gender. Women professors possibly would have to work at Girls College or for less pay or might not have ever given any occupancy (Chadband, 2012).
Impact on Sports
The impact of Title IX on sports is the most extensively known impact. According to the National Organization for Women (NOW) prior to this law, only one girl out of 27 girls played in high school sports but according to survey done in 2001, one in every 2.5 girls taken part in sports which means more than 2.5 million girls played varsity sports and there were no athletic scholarships for women before Title IX because very less number of females were involved in sports. In 2003 according to NOW, $1 million was used for scholarships for females at Division I schools (Chadband, 2012).
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