Free Groups And Teams Case Study Example

Published: 2021-07-09 12:40:05
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Introduction to the Problem
Ideally the problem the group faces resonates around the dearth of social interaction among the members. The fact that the group members are located in different geographical areas makes it difficult to interact socially hence the non-functionality and non-coordination witnessed. In addition, the group can be described as being in the storming stage which is only the second of the five stages groups typically go through.
Identification of the Root Cause of the Problem
The rather nascent group is yet to identify one common purpose. In other words, the group members are yet to settle on one common course that would drive their agenda. As it stands, the members only recognize its leader. The same explains why no communication among them is possible. The level of disinterest among each other is explained by the likely conflicts of control and roles to be played by each other. As it stands, it is only the team leader with the connecting link to the group members.
The paper recommends that the group interacts socially. However, the same would not be implemented by conventional means given the geographical locations of the members. Nonetheless, it remains incumbent for the group interaction to be facilitated in every aspect possible. Interaction need not be limited to professional areas. The members may as well participate in non-professional activities including socialization.
The interaction sessions would help the group storm together hence bound and get to know each other. It is expected that such interaction would enable the group to familiarize themselves with each other.
This approach would equally break the interactional barriers. It sets the group for interaction without any misgivings.
Action Plan
Since the group members are spread across Europe, Asia and North America, the paper proposes online virtual interactions. For instance, the conference room facilities should include social activities such as sharing on hobbies and interests. It is critical for group members to burn the tension among them. They need to interact freely and develop a sense of togetherness. The virtual platforms available ought to be utilized in achieving that end.

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