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Published: 2021-07-04 07:10:04
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Globalization comes when international and worldwide relations come close to one another.. These worldwide relations can be in the form of business relation, technological relation, and environmental relation. People have become much closer to one another than ancient times. In ancient times, people could not have access to one another; markets were not offering products all over the world. But in recent times, if a person travels to another part of the world, he will not feel much change in environment, food or technology. If we compare the history of past to the present, we can see that economic, political, cultural, and social changes occurred due to globalization. These all factors are forming a linkage between the people of one country to another (Duiker, Spilvogel.2014).

If we specifically look at the globalization effect on the culture, we may find different examples. Globalization has offered people of a different culture to interact with one another. It is due to globalization when a student goes abroad for higher studies, he does not feel much difference and at the same he knows well in advance about the culture, living style of that place. One of the fastest and easiest modes of globalization in the field of culture is technology. By the use of technology, people of various cultures come close to one another globally.

Digital age is the fastest age. It is due to the presence of digital age that people from one continent becomes aware of the person sitting in another continent. The digital age has its positive aspect. Getting knowledge, getting information about any work in the digital age is not a problem. Some people believe that the digital age has caused anxieties, less patience, less mobility and at the same time people have started living in an imaginary world.

World scientist “warning to humanity” states that the world and humans are on the verge of collapse. If proper actions are not taken at proper time, world will collapse. According to the scientists, many of the practices taken by human in the name of globalization are itself a threat for the humanity. These actions should be taken into consideration and should be controlled.

Summing up, we cannot say that globalization has negative effects or positive effects . According to some professionals globalization is not a good term for those who are less privileged. Globalization can benefit the upper class of the country, can benefit the upper slot of people in any corporation, but it does not benefit the lower class of the country or low wage people. From the cultural point of view, people of some countries think that globalization can harm their culture, can harm the youth and can deploy negative activities. Those who are not in favor of globalization think that the negative impacts are far more than the positive impacts. On the other hand, the advocates of globalization states that it has positive effects of bringing people closer; things available all over the world easily, cultural differences are reduced but at the same time the threat to humanity are always there.


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