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Tal Al Amar, Inc., an Atlanta based company, will operate Marhaban, a medium-size restaurant serving healthy, contemporary Arabian-American style food. The restaurant will be located downtown Atlanta at 1841 Peachtree Street, Atlanta, Georgia. Tal Al Amar, Inc. was incorporated in June of 2014 and elected sub-chapter S for IRS tax purposes ("S Corporations"). A satisfactory site for the Marhaban restaurant was scouted in May of 2014 and lease negotiations have been finalized. The restaurant will be on Peachtree Street, in the heart of Atlanta’s downtown district, which is close proximity to Georgia State University and in walking distance to three Marta stations and The Fox Theater. Parking for approximately 30 cars is located in the back of the restaurant, with additional parking decks in walking distance to the restaurant.
The building owners have offered three months of free rent during the construction phase, of which Tal Al Amar, Inc. will be meeting with potential investors, purchasing restaurant equipment and furniture, courting vendors, and interviewing restaurant staff. Once these duties have been completed, Marhaban will open and the operations phase can begin. Our financial model and business concept is based on our vast industry experience with similar ventures and evaluation of local Atlanta restaurants’ market norms. In analyzing the market findings, there were no Arabian-American restaurants in Atlanta, only Mediterranean or Indian Cuisine style restaurants (“Atlanta Restaurants & Dining Guide ”). Atlanta is an international city, boasting a population of 286, 278 Arab-Americans (Cities with the Highest”). Therefore, the business idea for Marhaban is centered on setting the highest standard and becoming the first Arabian- American restaurant in the city. The need is there, and the Marhaban restaurant will supply the want. In order to guarantee success of this venture, Tal Al Amar, Inc., has a buffered financial plan to ensure financing for the initial six months of operation, as well as a risk mitigation plan. Tal Al Amar’s management team has been successful in the Atlanta restaurant industry with over 5 restaurant openings.
The total capital required to launch Maharban is $350,000, of which $200,000 is allocated for start-up capital, and $150,000 as restaurant operations cash reserve. This proposal is being submitted in order to secure a business loan for $200,000. The loan will be used for equipment purchase, interior decor, construction labor and materials, and operational start-up expenses. Tal Al Amar’s executive team is investing $150,000 in personal capital. Private Investors, who will be “silent partners” with a non-managerial interest in the business, will contribute the remaining $200,000. The restaurant should gross $600,000+ per year. On a linear projection, the loan will be retired by year 5
- Marhaban will blend a charming, socially inviting atmosphere with great tasting, authentic Arabian style cuisine and an aesthetically pleasing Arabian decor. Customer satisfaction is our primary objective, so a diverse menu and excellent wait-staff service will make Marhaban the restaurant of choice for all patrons. We will ensure employee training, safety, and well-being as they are equally important to our success. We aim to provide restaurant patrons with an enjoyable dining experience, offering them an eclectic and affordable menu, an inviting ambiance, and superior service.
Marhaban Restaurant will offer an array of healthy ethnic and American foods, desserts and beverages. In keeping with the theme of the restaurant, the cuisines will contain authentic and all natural ingredients, be low in fat and cholesterol, flavorful, and tastefully presented. According to the National Restaurant Association, a growing number of restaurant patrons are becoming more health conscious ("Catering to health-conscious consumer cravings"). Fresh vegetables, meats and dairy products will be used to prepare the dishes. The chef and kitchen staff will adhere to strict standards of sanitation. Patrons can eat-in, order take-out, or order delivery to home or office for a $5.00 delivery fee. Delivery services are within a 5 mile radius of Atlanta’s downtown area.
- Menu Pricing
Appetizers: $7.00 - $15.00; Salads: sm. $5.00 or full. $7.50; Entrees: $10.00 - $25.00;
Desserts: $5.00 - $8.00; Beverages and non-alcoholic specialty drinks: $1.50 - $5.00
Maharban will cater to a diverse and densely populated group of people ("Atlanta (city) QuickFacts”). The location is in the middle of Atlanta’s business, financial, and restaurant and hotel district, which is in close proximity to a college campus and surrounding working class/professional residential areas ("Atlanta (city) QuickFacts”). The Downtown area is often frequented by tourists and local residents who enjoy eating out and want to spend a great evening out with family or friends. Downtown Atlanta is one of the most desirable restaurant locations in the metro-Atlanta area ("Downtown Atlanta -").
Fortune Magazine ranked Atlanta one of the top 10 cities in the world; a study by KPMG Alternatives Study ranked Atlanta as the second cheapest city in the nation to do business in ("Do Business | Statistics | Atlanta Rankings.").
- Customer Demographics
The customer base will be comprised of the local population, students from Georgia State and Georgia Tech, working professionals from the business district, and tourists.
- Psychographic
Marhaban is a great choice for anyone who enjoys eating healthy; likewise, it is a treat for restaurant connoisseurs, and people who love to try new foods.
- Behavorial
The restaurant will be a great gathering place for Arabian-Americans and those familiar with the culture. Specifically, Marhaban will offer Arabian-Americans a special place where they can celebrate cultural holidays, birthdays, and graduations in a culturally inclusive atmosphere.
- Product
Lastly, the restaurant is a great choice for people who have visited the Middle East and want a taste of the cuisine at home. Basic Mediterranean foods are often substituted for authentic Middle Eastern regional foods, and Marhaban will offer regional Arabian foods that are hard to find at general Mediterranean restaurants.
DISTRIBUTION PLAN & STRATEGYThe restaurant is in a highly visible location, accessible by car, foot, or public transportation. $15,000 has been budgeted for grand-opening advertising. The marketing strategy will focus on the uniqueness of the restaurant’s theme; we will use multiple promotional avenues to distribute information about the restaurant.
- Print media -- graphic flyers, local newspapers and magazines, and student newsletters
- Broadcast media --commercials on local radio music and talk shows, fun commercial on local public broadcast television stations
- Hotel guides-- travel and tourism guides and brochures, Chamber of Commerce brochures
- Misc.--yellow pages, local events, SEO based website, cultural festivals
- Fun and Pleasure: This restaurant is for the open-minded eater. We want to promote to people who have the mind-state that “if you try it, you may like it.” We also want patrons who love participating in cultural experiences, and who don’t mind interacting with staff and other patrons by asking questions about the various foods and enjoying a camaraderie type atmosphere.
- Health: The Arabian diet is categorized under the Mediterranean diet and has been noted by health experts for its nutritional value (Niedziocha). The Arabian diet uses olive oil, whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, various types of beans, and halal meats, poultry and fish (Niedziocha). Sugars and sweeteners are used in moderation (Niedziocha). The Arabian diet is “heart-healthy”(Niedziocha) The restaurant’s menu is great for native Arabians, in that Middle-Easterners normally cook at home due to religious or cultural food restrictions.
- Convenience:
The restaurant, which is in the same walking distance as nearby fast food chains, is a great choice for the business lunch crowd. A Marta train station is up the street, so locals who ride public transportation can order take-out then jump back on the train. A local delivery service is offered and the restaurant is open 7 days a week.
- Management & Organization
Tal Al Amar, Inc. is the principal owner of the Marhaban restaurant. They also own five other successful restaurants in the City of Atlanta. Employees will be paid competitive wages, as well as offered 25% payment on health and dental insurance after a 60 day probation period. The Board of Directors is comprised of other successful business owners who are vested in protecting the investor’s interest. The general manager and head chef will share equal responsibility of the managing the restaurant and the employees.
- OperationsThe restaurant is located at 1841 Peachtree Street; the space is 3000 square feet and had been used as a restaurant. A few construction modifications are needed; new equipment and décor will be purchased and installed by a contractor. All licenses for the restaurant have been secured. The restaurant will be open 7 days a week from 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.; take-out and delivery lunch orders begin at 10:00 a.m. and the dinner menu will start at 4:00 p.m. The restaurant will be open for all major holidays.
- Employee Training
Employees will be trained in their specific operational duties and in two other key positions of choice. They will receive updated menu and nutritional information, as well as be kept informed of general restaurant operations at each mandatory monthly meeting.
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