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Published: 2021-07-09 06:05:04
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Erick Swenson lives in a totally different and advanced age than Jean Watteau. With sophisticated material and knowledge, his Untitled stands out owing to the mathematical and creative skills employed to create the object. On the hand, Jean Watteau lived in the 18th Century when less quality material was available and the culture and demands of the public at the time, focused on exciting love stories rather than balance in the photo. Art that involved humans attracted more attention as they identified the object with their myths and beliefs (Warren, 3). Both Frenchwoman Jean and American Swenson artists impress their audiences in the age they live.
Erics Swenson's Untitled, 2000 portrays a rare object that resembles a dog in a rising motion owing to the cap hooked to its tail on a windy day. The small creature, in danger of loosing its ground, creates a tense moment for viewers. The artist depicts a rare natural occurrence yet a real scene possible remarkably. More striking is the balance and proportionality of the entire object than the color on both the dog and the flowing deep red and black cape. Swenson uses bright colors on this object to create a captivating and attractive finished object. Untitled is one of the most captivating pieces of art I have seen. 42 year old Erick Swenson lives and works in Dallas, Texas and has had exhibitions in Europe and Australia.
Erick Swenson uses plastic to create the entire object. However, his finishing paint creates a delicate illusion of a natural detail on both the animal and the cape. The smooth texture with portrays the impression of a young dog probably domesticated. Moreover, the collar on its neck and both feet keep the audience guessing various possibilities for explanation.
Embarkation for Cythera by Jean-Antonine Watteau
The Embarkation for Cythera by Jean-Antonine Watteau depicts the famous voyage to the island of Cythera. Jean-Antonine Watteau used oil on canvas (a traditional yet reliable way) to make long-lasting paintings that last the taste of time. The beautiful scenery in the painting could probably be evening in the jungle where the pilgrims decided to rest before proceeding to move on. The soft yellow light on the green vegetation reveals either an early morning sun or late evening.
The approximately 300 year old painting is a presentation of an ancient French love story about young lovers journeying the Greece. Although historians disagree on whether the pilgrims are already in the journey or preparing to leave, the main issue in the story of the three couples revolves around their determination to embark on the journey.
Erick Swenson's Untitled is based on creative graphics probably from thriller movies or animation movies. The Embarking for Cythera, on the other hand, owes its origin to a myth believed by ancient historians. Although historians debate on the authenticity and evidence of the existence of the story, most of them agree to a great extent with the notion that the places and people are real.
Although both artworks base on natural realism as their themes, the Untitled, creates more questions and concerns on the explanation of the event leading to the occurrence. The Embarking for Cythera, however explains the circumstances of the actors involved in the painting rather than creating questions.
The modern Untitled, exhibits scientific skills in balancing and creative ideas in capturing the audience attention by bright colors and a striking posture. These skills are absent in the ancient Jean's painting that merely focused on portraying a famous event on canvas.
Jean's painting is an ancient piece of art and therefore delicate since materials used need close attention and maintenance. The modern Untitled, on the other hand, enjoys quality material necessary to maintain its quality for ages.
Although both objects depict natural scenes, the Untitled focuses on amazing the audience with the rare acrobatic posture while the Embarking on Cythera focuses on telling a story to generations in time
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