Free Dentistry(First Choice) Pharmacy( Second Choice) Personal Statement Sample

Published: 2021-07-08 12:25:04
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My initial exposure to taking dentistry (or pharmacy) came from my desire to be part of a profession that is related to medicine. I always pictured myself curing people from their conditions through the use of expertise. I want to be someone who will bring positive change to lives of people. I knew that in the future, I would choose a profession in line with serving other people. I enjoy helping others that is why I devote time and effort in engaging in volunteer works. It opened my eyes to the reality of growing need of medical professions. In Grantham Hospital, for example, I had a chance to interact with patients. They shared their problems and to be honest, I was saddened by the fact that right now I cannot be of help to them. I can listen to their stories, but that does not change anything. My lack of help to these patients made me more motivated to embark on my career path.
I consider myself as visionary. My innovative thinking was honed due to my exposure to the Medical program offered by Toronto University. In the university, I would often discuss my ideas with my professors and share how I feel the medical field is filled with unharnessed potential that can change the landscape of society. My greatest aspiration in life is to become one of the movers of society that would bring cure to different diseases and conditions. I am also a team-player and believe in the value of collaborative learning. I am open for people’s opinions and suggestions because I see them as aids for my development. My fascination with the field of medicine in general was ignited by an encounter in Queen Mary Hong Kong hospital. In the hospital, I witnessed a delicate colon tumour removal surgery. I saw how surgery saved the life of the patient. In my opinion, if I will be practicing a medical profession then I will be able to improve the lives of others. . If I become a dentist in the future, I will be save people’s smiles because I will be helping in their oral hygiene.
I was at awed with how skilful and meticulous the doctors were during the procedure. After the surgical procedure, I told myself that one day I would be like them and save the lives people.
Outside the academia, I believed that I used my potentials in many areas outside school. I am a sports enthusiast, right now; I am Thai-Boxing and Swimming. I engage in sports because it is my way of coping with stress. It also taught me life values such as discipline and persistence. These values are important especially now that I will proceed to the next step of my professional progress. My exposure to sports also boosted my confidence in terms of socializing with others. I also enjoy photography. I joined a club that specializes in the interest. I see photography as my main escape from the demanding world of the university.
My main motivation in entering a dentistry (or pharmacy) program comes from the knowledge that there are people in society that does not receive quality medical assistance. I want to use my skills and expertise to serve these people in the future. I stirred my life towards this direction long before, because being involved in healthcare is something that I pictured myself doing as a career. I know that it will be a difficult journey and the transition would be s I am grounded in the principle that the hardship I will encounter along the way will be worth it in the end especially when I see my patients recovering from their illness

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