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Published: 2021-06-26 12:00:04
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In any argument, the focus should not be necessarily about winning, but to put across facts that are well considered, logic and those that support your main points of view. This helps a lot in countering the most important alternative scrutiny. One should always ensure that the evidence is convincing enough and presented in a convincing and reasonable manner. There are many situations in life where people find themselves in arguments of different kinds. It may be in an exam situation, arguments with parents and so on. It is very important to remember that one should avoid making any comments that suggestively mean that the opposing side has some foolish ideas. This is the most common mistake that many students make when they are having arguments of any kind. Students must always remember that the degree of politeness that one shows when countering the other team’s points may make you lose or win the argument.

One of the basic points of planning an argument is having good skills in persuasion. This is best done by one first recognizing that the views of the others exist and not showing that you are the only one whose points of view are the best to hold. For instance, it is a Friday and joy’s parents want to visit their parent’s upcountry as a family. Joy is a third year student in the university and she is not up for the idea. Her class is taking a trip to go have fun during the long weekend. Joy needs to have a determined goal to persuade her parents to let her go out with the classmates. In this case, joy needs to have a calm reasoning. She needs to let her parents know that everyone will go and since it was a social occasion, she was going to make more friends and visit a new place. She will also need to use some reasoned anger. The parents used to go out when they were her age so they should not deny her the chance. After all the grandparents will be there and she can visit them, any time. Finally, she can use a passionate plea to try to make the parents see it from her own angle. She could say that she cannot imagine going back to class after the long weekend and be the only one who did not turn up for the trip. By the time she is done with this, the most possible outcome is that the parents will allow her to go.

The next plan in an argument is the use of rhetorical language. This is because the language always stirs up emotions, both sad and happy emotions. The ideal type of argument is one which one uses the act of reasoning. This is by getting all the facts right and arguing based on facts. Most people view themselves as being reasonable hence making the other party believe that their ideas are good is an incredibly effective way of influencing them to change their way of thinking. Human beings also tend to share many common ideas of what is usually fair and just and what it takes to be fair and just. When one appeals to the opponents of what is fair and just, one creates an incredibly powerful device of winning them to your side. For example, one can tell the opponents that they agree with their ideas and add something else that supports them.
Good arguments constitute of facts that bring emotions. When persuading someone, the art of including ideas that will stir up emotions is a good way of winning. This is done especially by showing how one is passionate about their points.try to find some common grounds on which you can all agree on some grounds. At the end of the conversation, you will find that the argument favors you and the opponents are okay with your ideas.

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