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Published: 2021-06-30 22:30:05
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Introduction to Film

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is the film that impresses by originality, actors play and unexpected plot. Therefore viewers may have mixed impressions about it. So it’s especially interesting to evaluate the impression of professional critics and the audience in general.

Let us consider the review by Robert Wilonsky. In the beginning of this review the author briefly expresses his own opinion about the film, its plot and the director’s work. He also describes the main idea of the motion picture, trying to understand what impression the film produces on different people. A large part of the review is the description of the plot, the main stages of the action development in the film. The author also describes the main characters, expresses his attitude towards them and explains the motives of their actions. In general, the reviewer doesn’t try to talk much about his impression, but focuses more on the description of the plot details.

In my opinion the review fully reflects the general positive impression of the film. This can be seen from the comments of viewers - the percentage of negative opinions is quite small. Most people admire the plot and the main idea, but the acting of Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet also impressed the audience. As Wilonsky writes in the review, “the movie will mean many different things to everyone who sees it some; will think it about regret, others will believe it to be about hope, a second chance.” His impression of the film as the story about second chances author confirms with such details as scenes when characters meet again and again, unable to erase the memory of love for each other.

The reviewer conveys his positive attitude to the film. Although he’s not trying to impose his view, yet Wilonsky admires the beauty of some moments, the way of expressing the main ideas: “Eternal Sunshine feels like something entirely brand-new; such are the gifts of Kaufman and Gondry, inventors and magicians”. After reading this review, comes a desire to watch this film.

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