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Published: 2021-06-24 21:15:04
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HR Management
Cooperation is very important in the successful accomplishment of any organizational process. However, the change of plan or programs in an organization can cause misunderstandings hence; some people could resent the process. This is the issue that is seen with M, the new supervisor in this company. This is always common with some supervisors who may not agree on some of the processes during the implementation process. At times employees are uncooperative because they feel the process undermines their reputation and abilities. This case should have been handled, by M, using a lot of professionalism. Uncooperative parties must be convinced to take part because it is a beneficial process to the organization. M should ensure that he comes up with mechanisms to weed put the uncooperative employees (McLean 2005).
M also failed to keep records of the communication he had with some of the employees. This shows that M lacked great record keeping skills, and also communication is a thing M should work on.
There must be a problem in relation to communication between the management and the staff, in the organization. M did not keep record of all conversations they had with the employees. This elicited friction between M, as the supervisor, and the employees.
The supervisor could decide to work with the demand of the employees. This will call for understanding their needs and giving the employees what they requested.
As a supervisor, I would ensure that I assess all the conversations we ever had with all the employees. I will also make sure that they understand the fact that I am the final person to make decisions, and that the latter should be observed. The employees have to understand that, despite having a right to echo their desires, they have no calling to hold me at ransom. They have to follow protocol whenever they would wish to elucidate on their grievances, rather than ranting all over the organization (McLean 2005).
Communication makes all stake holders view the reshuffles in daily schedules as beneficial to them and the organization. There are some challenges experienced when implementing a system of managing performance in the organization. The assessment results can be used to improve the organization’s productivity depending on the outcomes. The field is particularly responsible for attracting, selecting, training, assessing as well as rewarding employees while still overseeing various aspects of organizational leadership as well as culture (McLean 2005).
It also ensures compliance with all the stipulated employment and labor laws. In the cases where employees bear the desire and have legal authorization to hold collective bargaining agreements, the HR will necessarily serve to fulfill the primary liaison role with the company as well as the employees' representatives. To prevent high employee turnover rates and create a satisfied work force, knowing the employees and what they want is key. Additionally, if employees are happy and like their job, they will be more inclined to give great customer service (Schultz 2010).
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