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Published: 2021-07-05 08:20:05
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The proposed plan to construct a homeless shelter within our home is a great idea according to me and one that we should welcome and embrace with zeal. It is important to note that the project to build the building to house the homeless will be funded by the federal government and not any money that will have to come directly from our town. The project I therefore such a great idea as it will help as solve our housing problems in this town by providing the additional housing. Before we can reject the proposed plans, it is important that we all accept and appreciate the fact that indeed there people within our town who are unable to afford proper housing. Shelter is a basic human need and it is very humiliating when a human being is not in a position to put a shelter over his head.
The fact that these people particularly women and children are unable to put a roof over their heads is unfortunate and it should not be blamed on them. Not all of us are given equal opportunities in life. We have to learn to appreciate and help those who are in need in our society even if it means foregoing a little of our interests. The underlying fact is that we are all human beings and therefore deserve a certain level of dignity and respect. Having proper roofs over our heads is basic and everyone should at least given a chance to have such basic necessities. It is improper to say that our property will lose value due the provisions of homes to the poor. The poor only get the homeless shelter because they are not in a position to afford housing in our properties. I therefore personally welcome the idea and proposal to build houses for the poor in our town.
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