Free Case Study About Strategies Which Could Or Should Have Been Used By Gms Managers For The Nummi

Published: 2021-07-07 09:20:05
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Question # 4 – Listening to Out-Group Members
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Instead of rudely rejecting the NUMMI commandos, the GM's managers could have used following strategies. Firstly, they could have shown empathy towards the commandos, such as, using paraphrasing and a supportive tone. Secondly, the managers could have recognized the uniqueness of NUMMI individuals and should have utilized them effectively. Furthermore, they should have negotiated with them, in a way, which makes them feel included, instead of treating them as a threat to their thrones. Lastly, they should have empowered them to act and given them a voice, to be heard and obeyed by other employees available on the premises.
How the Proposed Strategies Would Have Changed Future of GM
Empathy: Using a supportive tone while dealing with the NUMMI commandos would have turned them into talented and useful workforce, blending into the company, helping to steer it towards a future with less loss.
Realizing Uniqueness: The commandos had a unique, more productive method of doing things. If the company utilized their potential correctly, it would be able to produce quality cars earlier, making a lot more profit.
Out-Group Inclusion: If NUMMI commandos were treated in a better way, they would have, eventually, discovered ways to cut down company’s losses. For example, If they had felt like a part of the company, they would have proved to be a skillful labor force.
Empowered and Given Voice: If they were given enough authorities from the start, they would have the freedom to implement a global production system at GM Industries manufacturing plants, and the company would never have to require a government bailout in 2009.

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