Free Case Study About Gerald And Schizophrenia Video

Published: 2021-06-27 10:00:04
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Gerald exhibits several symptoms of schizophrenia as observed in his interview. During the first part of the interview, Gerald speaks of being scared because he feels that he was called in the room to be electrocuted, jailed or killed. Having delusions is one of the main symptoms of a schizophrenic. He clearly shows an attitude of paranoia.
Another symptom which is manifested by Gerald is when he speaks of weird ideas like when he mentioned that “pictures got a headache”. This statement obviously does not make any sense. When he was asked to explain what the statement means, his answer is not related to the question. He suddenly explains about how a baby is made through a getting together of a sperm and an egg. His statement further proves that his thoughts are loosely connected and disorganized.
His mannerism of playing with his hair constantly during the interview shows another symptom of a schizophrenic. He exhibits movement disorder wherein he repeats certain unnecessary movements, such as that of repeatedly playing with his hair.
Another clear manifestation of schizophrenia in Gerald is his hallucinations. He spoke about an experience in school wherein every time he raises his hand, a colored kid will stab him at the back of his neck. The story is evidently not true and it never happened since he is still alive. Another hallucination which he revealed during the interview is his story that he was raped five times when he was in kindergarten. He mentioned this when he was being asked why he cannot stay at the hospital and be treated.
Based on the interview, the symptoms manifested by Gerald are delusions, feeling of paranoia, loosely connected and disorganized thoughts, movement disorder and hallucinations.

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