Free Carbon Footprint Analysis Course Work Example

Published: 2021-07-03 23:25:04
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Cool climate Network
Carbon footprint was calculated from food consumption, travelling fuel consumption (public and private), housing (electricity, gas and living space area), shopping (services and goods),
Gives an option of household members and gross annual household income, it gives an analysis of carbon emission in comparison to other peoples with similar income.
Carbon equivalent was calculated from source of house hold heating, number of vehicle and their consumption.
EPA does not factor in public transport as a personal fuel consumption, this is a misrepresentation, it does not also consider the type of fuel used on the private vehicles either petrol or diesel since they have different CO2 emissions.
Ecological footprint
The number of meals you prefer, where you shop, whether you have a garden were not appropriate. It did not provide step by step analysis.
I think the question about size of living room was not an appropriate one since the members of the household were known already. The calculators are representing my lifestyle but they are truly taking different directions. The ecological footprint seems to take a broader view which cannot analyze an individual’s emissions.
Cool climate is the most appropriate footprint calculator.
The question in ecological footprint calculator about climatic region was important and it was not displayed in the other calculators since emissions depend with the region.
Cool climate calculator also compares results to the average household in United States with average size and similar income

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