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Published: 2021-06-26 02:25:04
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Context Analysis
"No, sir," he went on, "nothing nearly so fine. I am very fond of music, and as my business brought me in this direction, I thought I would stop at your city and take the opportunity of paying a visit to your grand cathedral. And I am delighted I came; so pleased, indeed, that I should like to leave some memorial of my visit behind me. I should like, sir, to do something for your choir."
The above passage depicts various tonal variations, which is seen by the reply the student gave to the fellow. It showed a sense of respect and utter reverence for the person as he was being engaged in a conversation by a person who he considered to be a person of great interest and social standing. The person talks to the child in a manner to show how he likes music and is fond of how the children performed and especially this young man.
The sentence structure is written indirect speech to show exactly the emotions in the characters as they conversed with each other. The child has a sense of being in utter amazement at the person’s achievement. The person shows how the performance of the children was what has made his day on this specific day that he witnessed the children performing.
The sentence structure shows an essence commitment and the person’s interest in the child and music. He is working to lure the child into going with him as the story goes on and it unfolds though he refutes the offer and remained as was before. A disapproved tone from the rich man is depicted. This is an epic moment where his interest and child’s interest inter twine to build the elaborate story.

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