Free Argumentative Essay On John Locke V. Karl Max

Published: 2021-07-07 23:15:05
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Based on John Locke’s political point of view, cars ought to have power to drive on Pacific Coast Highway without bicyclists interfering with the current driving habits. This will ensure a safer highway for both bicyclists and automobile drivers. Justice is desired in order to attain property and cater to the individuals through work/ labor. When we are born, we are given rights by the name of God, consisting of gave us natural rights by which we give consent to the government; in exchange we are given life, liberty, and the ability to attain Property. In a capitalistic society we now live in; we must gain capital in order to live life to the fullest. In order to gain capital we must produce some sort of labor, in order to produce labor we must commute to where the labor is being produced. The problem that lies is the unsafe driving habits the driver must endure in order to go from point A to point B. Bicyclists merge into our lanes making it extremely difficult to drive, let alone having to make sure you don’t squash them with our thousand pound machinery.
According to Locke “ men being, as has been said by nature, all free, equal, and independent , no one can be put out of this estate and subjected to the political power of another without his consent”(Locke, 52). However, at the same time, the government is charged with the role of installing checks and balances to ensure a civil society and general social order. In regards to the Pacific Highway, such checks and balances are required. This is because although the highway may be considered to be public property that should be enjoyed by every member of the society, every individual has an exclusive right to self-actions and when these actions threaten the lives of others, then the individual committing the actions should be plucked from the system. Bikers on the Pacific highway are reckless, and this leads to high accident chances along this highway. They endanger the lives of the lives of the automobile drivers who are making their way to labor production centers. Since Locke charges the government with the role of ensuring the public good, it is only proper that cars be given the power to drive along the Pacific Coast Highway without the interference of dangerous cyclers. As Locke states “all men being born under government, they are to submit to that, and are not at liberty to begin a new one” (Locke, 54). The checks put forth by government in regards to the Pacific Highway will ensure that people are able to live together as a society where once strives to acquire capital and produce labor without necessarily endangering other’s lives.
Production is not collective. In the day and age we live in; we do not share values in order to make human existence better. Humans are not collective; we all fight for that number one spot, whether it is a job, the last cookie for dessert, or simply the last spot on a bus in which you need to ride. We are a “dog eat dog” society, and frankly that will never change. In order to attain a life of creativity, one must perform labor to acquire property, and means of a “good life”. According to Karl Max, therefore, the means of production and the process utilized by one should not infringe on another’s means. “History is nothing but the succession of separate generations each of which exploits the materials, capital and productive forms handed down to it by all proceeding generations” (Marx, 122). The Pacific highway is a classic representation of this. It has been existent for the better part of the last century, and all members of the current generation should have the right to use for their individual production purposes. As mentioned earlier, it is a dog-eat-dog world and currently, people do not share values in order to make human existence better. By preventing some members of the public from using this resource for their individual production purposes, it would be going against the current natural law where everybody is striving to get a piece of the pie.
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