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Published: 2021-07-09 01:00:04
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The influx of over 300,000 people into California opened many opportunities in especially the economic sector. The initial news about the discovery of gold at Sutter's Mill in San Francisco appeared in a daily newspaper in March of 1848. the news did not receive much attention at first. However, gradually, the excitement grew among the locals after the newspaper published a picture of a merchant rejoicing at striking gold. As the news of the discovery spread fast across the country, it brought in people by sea and land from both natives and foreigners from Latin America, Europe and as far as China filling the small town of Francisco leading to its rapid growth. The rush included people from every profession who abandoned their jobs (regardless of the professionalism and level of the profession)to seek the gold. Although the extremely congested conditions lead to the degradation of the environment and displacement of the native Americans from their lands, the benefits of the Gold Rush in California outweigh the negative effects. My argument seeks to reveal the benefits of the decade long event in California.
Before the Congress designated California as a United States state territory in 1948, it was a Mexican possession (as late as January 1848). Although the Congress had in their possession the recommendation to posses, California, it was not until they discovered gold and the economy began to rise rapidly that the Government hurried the process of accommodating California as part of the United States. Although it took two more years to officially recognize California as a free state, the economic value of the area and especially San Francisco boosted the national economy.
Not only did the economy of the state flourish but also the economy of the entire nation blossomed effectively after 1885 when the Gold rush subsided. The rapid changes to the country in such a short time has forever impacted the state with benefits that the current dwellers would never have experienced had the gold rush never began in1848.
The wealth acquired in California spread quickly around the globe to as far as China. To overcome the threat of the bandits who targeted foreigners carrying gold to leave the country, for instance, the Chinese men disguised their gold by melting and creating common household equipment (and covered them in soot). Once they prevailed and managed to smuggle their hard-earned gold to China, they re-melted the items and recovered their gold. These Chinese gold-seekers are some of the people who never intended to settle in California. Their trade in gold in their native country founded the beginning of foreign exchange at a low level that benefited the government in massive ways.
New businesses,
New businesses were a natural result of the crowding people flocking California. As the people focused on improving their techniques and advance their equipment to effectively mine enough gold and make as much money as possible, they needed to feed and dress and meet other basic and secondary needs. To address these needs, businessmen exploited the opportunity and created various business in the area. With a rapidly rising economy in California, business bloomed. The businessmen sustained their businesses to satisfy growing demands that changed rapidly. Apart from gold-business, other commercial businesses thrived both in the era and after the era of the Gold rush.
Also known as 'forty-niners' (the name was coined from the year 1849), the foreigners needed to survive after the Rush subsided in 1855. In order to obtain alternative sources of livelihood, these settlers resorted to creative businesses to make profits enough to survive in the highly competitive area.
Built new schools,
The need for schools to accommodate the bloated population was necessary in securing the future of California after the Gold Rush. Young children needed to get the education necessary to keep them from depending on mining as a source of livelihood and as the only hope for a lifetime. Although only 10% of entrants initially chose to settle, the rest intended to leave California the moment they earned their quick money from gold. However, the disappointment that followed and the government initiative to improve the infrastructure of the state made them change their minds to settling in the area.
New cities
San Francisco undoubtedly owes its growth to the Gold Rush of the 19th Century. Without the Gold Rush, San Francisco would not be as populated and as famous as it is today. Churches, schools, roads and a railway road contributed to the rapid growth of this city. By the end of the Gold Rush, very many people lived in San Francisco who needed recreational, educational and banking services among others. In seeking to address these requirements as well as providing security and other basic needs to the public, the authorities of California focused their efforts to organize an orderly expansion of the City. The city transformed into cosmopolitan area with booming businesses and reliable economy.
The massive contribution to the overall income of the nation and the congestion led to the residents of California to demand of the government; a better transportation system and connections with the rest of the United States. Amid conflicts between the Southern residents and their northern counterparts, the Sacramento valley railroad pioneered the development of an efficient communication network with the rest of the states in America. The current transportation system that the Californians enjoy today is the results of the efforts of early decisions made in the wake of the Gold Rush. The residents did not wait for the governmental process (of authorization of project proposals) that required detailed research, investigation and studies to verify the authenticity of the reports, as well as the economic value and costs. Since they could not wait for government intervention to initiate the construction of a reliable and efficient transport system, they began constructing the famous Sacramento valley rail road.
The strong denim material was the most appropriate material to use in the vigorous and aggressive activities of especially; early mining techniques. Today, denim is a popular trend in fashions across the world. However, low-skilled laborers who competed with the advanced mining technological inventions popularized the jeans pants in 19th Century. The pants have maintained popularity over the years to the 21st Century. Today, fashioners consider it the most acceptable and decent casual wear for especially men and young girls.
The fruits of the declaration to accommodate California officially as an addition to the American territory in 1850 propelled the U.S economy to great heights. By collecting high monthly tax on foreigners living California, the government benefited from the revenue but not for long. Chinese businessmen, who specialized in exporting their goods to their motherland, were compelled to change their minds and settle in California as well as find other business ideas. The tough levies and government act specified to limit Chinese travelers to the United States of America rapidly halted the flourishing Chinese business to an eventual end in 1882. The Act (federal Chinese exclusion act) prohibited them from attaining citizenship to frustrate their efforts and control of the gold market.
The evidence of over the century-old-event is still visible today and affects the people of California and particularly, San Francisco today. The Gold Rush gave rise to trends still appreciated to date and lasting impact on both the economy and social life of Americans not only now but in future. Although the activities of mining destroyed the landscape and the environment in general, the great population of people it attracted from around the globe have influenced the culture of not only California but also the rest of the United States. The diversity in cultures that represent most communities and major countries in the world give the state the unique sense of global village. Future announcements and discoveries should however be contained and controlled effectively to avoid the massive negative effects on land and the environment as well pollution from overpopulation. Today, availability of equipment to detect the ores and mine precious minerals may not allow the crazy rush of the public to manually extract precious stone such as gold to make riches. The State of California, therefore, owes its diversity, trends in culture and economic standards to the famous Gold Rush of the 19th Century.

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