Example Of Reason For Wanting To Study Political Science Personal Statement

Published: 2021-07-05 06:10:05
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Personal Statement: Reason for Wanting to Study Political Science
It is my affirmation that pursuing higher education which focuses on a specialized field of discipline is subject to defined personal and professional goals. There are various factors that provide the impetus for an individual’s interest in a particular academic endeavor. For me, I have always had a penchant for politics, forms of government, and the impact on societies. Various news all over the world have revealed that chaos and unrest exist due to failure of the governing power to heed the basic needs and demands of the citizenry. I have read stories of government leaders who were exiled, overthrown, and even subjected to legal sanctions for their inability to run their nations in an effective and transparent manner. When corruption and selfish interests replace the interests of the public for the greater good, then, political chaos and strife is expected to ensue. The challenges posed in running political structures generated increased interest in this field of endeavor. Being a mere spectator in this dynamic profession is not enough for me. I intend to be an active participant, contributor, policy maker, legislator, and an influential political scientist through gaining the theoretical frameworks needed for this career.
I acknowledge that as a political scientist, one could propose changes through legislations, policies, regulations, and laws which could be enacted to improve the well-being of mankind. One contends that much of the conflicts and ills in contemporary societies could be addressed through a more in-depth assessment of political structures, bureaucracy, and public figures elected through democratic rule. As such, one is earnestly enthusiastic in pursuing political science as a profession for the ultimate reason that I foresee myself as an instrumental contributor to the transformation of future societies for the better.
Another reason for wanting to study political science is the wealth of knowledge one expects to be gained. From the traditional course curriculum, a political science degree program would offer subjects such as: politics pertaining to the students’ nationality, foreign or international politics, public policy, comparative politics, democratic policies, and political theory, to name a few. These courses are anticipated to provide the theoretical framework which would prepare me to understand concepts and ideologies pertaining to political discourse. Likewise, I also look forward to the honing of different skills needed for the profession: cognitive and analytical skills, conflict resolution and negotiation skills, campaign management, public speaking and leadership, cultural awareness and adeptness (especially in the aspect of political structure and international relations), as well as interpersonal and communication skills. The program is expected to provide professional growth and development in the area where I am most interested in.
Overall, I am fervently affirming my desire to pursue a doctoral degree in political science for the opportunities offered by the profession in making a marked transformation in political and societal structures in the future. I have intently observed our nation’s political structure and condition and its impact on various facets of contemporary society I have acknowledged that most of societies’ dilemmas could be minimized, prevented, and solved through the assistance of policy changes that stems from political science. In this regard, I do not want to be a meager spectator in the challenging world of politics. I envision to change societies, governments, and the world through my responsible, innovative, and inspirational inputs to make this world a better place to live in.

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