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Published: 2021-06-30 16:05:04
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Probably one of the finest science fiction novels ever written, The Hunger Games is definitely a feather of the cap of American writer’s Suzanne Collins. Katniss Everdeen is the main character in the novel and she has an authority in the metropolis of The Capitol where there is political influence and almost completes control of the population.
There is hubris in the sense of the gladiator battle to the death that is created by the battle on television, a highly original plot which caused quite a stir and controversy at the time. The novel is a sure fire read and has a lot going for it.
The novel is ideal for young adults so it is a sure fit for High School students. The combination of excellent English and a strongly gripping plot shows that it is really a work which can be absorbed by such students. There is definitely a lot that one can learn from the book and its use of certain literary tricks also makes it quite intriguing and interesting.
There have also been comparisons with other novels that are of similar scope in The Hunger Games especially the less well known Battle Royale by Koshkun Takami which was published in 1999. However the huge success of the novel cannot be discounted. In fact it sold over 800,000 copies less than two years after it was published and has also been made into a hugely successful film.
The Hunger Games is a thrilling read from cover to cover and is highly recommended for all who have science fiction at heart. It is surely an original story with many foibles and surprises and should keep you hooked with its page turning capabilities.
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