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Published: 2021-07-07 11:30:05
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The human brain is divided into two core parts; that is, the minor cerebral hemisphere and the major cerebral hemisphere. For proper functioning of the brain, the two hemispheres must have a mode of communication. The corpus callosum is a white material between these two hemispheres and through which the hemispheres do communicate. According to Sperry et.al (1969), lack of communication between these two hemispheres causes a definite level of commissural symptoms. However, the extent for which these symptoms occur is not well known. Remarkably, such symptoms are visible when the level, of brain activity is high (Sperry, 1982).
Then human body consists of many subsystems and systems and the brain is one of the major human systems that are core to the sustenance of life. As such, proper communication between various brain parts; the two hemispheres are of great importance for the proper functioning of the cerebral system. Lack of inter-hemispherical communication is thus convincingly a cause of various brain dysfunctions and syndromes Sperry et.al (1969). However, both modern and archaic experiments have failed to unfold the kind of relationship that exists between the two hemispheres and the level of dysfunctionality that may arise as a result disconnection between the two hemispheres.
While the right and left hemisphere require close communication techniques, the discrepancies that result form their miscommunication are only visible under extreme conditions of activity. The discrepancies that are caused by the miscommunication are in most cases concealed from the observer. It means that the person undergoing such a disorder will only be affected by the miscommunication at are times. However, Sperry ET al. (1969) does not offer experimental proves to indicate at which level of activity the miscommunication may or may not affect the normal functioning of the body. Apparently, the researchers are in agreement that the miscommunication may be disastrous. They argue that in cases where an individual is born with a single hemisphere of the cerebral brain, a surgical cut to perform a split brain can solve the issue of syndromes resulting from miscommunication (Libet, 1993). It thus begs the question why such a split would be performed when there are no known implications of the disease as earlier suggested by the research. The research also does not offer substantial consistency between different experiments especially on will and voluntary action.
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