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Published: 2021-06-26 19:45:04
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In the recent past, the education sector has witnessed intensive modification and transformations. The core aim of these changes is to help the sector meet the integrity standards essential in modern dynamic economic demands. The writing by Henry Newman, “The idea of a university” has proved to be of decisive importance in explaining the intellectual manifesto for catholic university both in America and in other parts of the world. The book guides students on how to develop intellectual and rational arguments by explaining to them the significance of responding thoughtfully to arguments and observing excellence in presenting and defending their positions. The author of this book notes that students need to engage with professionals and experts from other disciplines to develop their knowledge to enrich their arguments. As stated in the book, the most effective way of advancing integrity in modern higher learning institution is through granting everyone their right irrespective their religions orientation.
The book creates a scenario under which students are able to analyze positions from varied perspectives to understand the significance of paying attention to the different issues staged by individuals instead of dismissing them ignorantly. From the Newman work, it is apparent that the perspective from which a person is evaluating a particular position is capable of affecting the adopted assumption. For example, an issue appearing irrelevance in terms of integrity or in the scientific perspective may be of great relevance in terms of ethics. In this context, students need to be aware of the implication of a particular issue from diverse perspectives to be able to present a strong and rational arguments.
In his writing, Newman has demonstrated his competence on the most effective ways of embracing integrity in universities by presenting conflicting solutions to modern political and social developments. Teamwork and intensive consultations can be of great significance in boosting the integrity in the modern education sector. Although there are other factors essential in boosting students integrity, Newman observes that intensive researches and consultation is the key pillars toward the advancement of students' performance. As stipulated by Newman in his writing, integrity is the key pillar that defines success in the modern education sector. With intensive transformation in modern society, the adoption of effective policies and guidelines that involve all players is of critical importance in advancing the quality of integrity in modern higher learning institutions. Construction of relevant and valuable infrastructures that will help students in getting access to the work of other professionals in different sectors can be of noticeable importance in improving the integrity and performance in the education sector.
Although individual contribution and commitment is essential in boosting students’ integrity, teamwork is of great essences in helping education in meeting the modern economic demands. Informative and constructive engagement among students are also of great significance not only in boosting students’ integrity but in enriching modern training and education content. Studies from various global and international scholars have further articulated that intensive researches are vital in improving integrity level in modern higher learning institutions. Researches help in the identification of new ideas that either supports the existing information or challenges the existing knowledge stock. To be effective and productive in boosting the integrity level in education sectors, all players including students and critical thinkers are encouraged to engage in meaningful researches and studies. As stated by Newman team work would be vital in supporting the changes essential in improving integrity level in modern higher learning institution.
In supporting the importance of integrity in the education sector, Newman encourages students at all academic levels to react and respond thoughtfully to the presented argument and research findings. Students and critical thinkers are further encouraged by Newman to have a firm stand in articulating and in supporting the position of improving the integrity in the education sector (Newman 67). However, to improve the level of integrity in modern education sectors, school administrators and students should provide empirical evidence in their ideas and suggestions. The selection of reliable and evidence based learning materials have also proved to be vital in advancing the integrity level both at the local level and international level. In his work Newman has offered reliable evidence to support his stand to support the integrity level that is presented in most of the catholic universities.
In most cases, information form incompetent individuals are unreliable sources of acquiring integrity information. This is attributable to the fact that most of the commercial materials are composed of the individual’s perceptions and ideas with limited consideration of other people opinions on the topic under study. In contrary, the most reliable reading material that a student can rely on is sources that are supported by scientific evidence. Challenging thesis for other professionals has also proved to be of fundamental in advancing the quality of education in the modern education sector.
An ideal education is the form of training that involves teamwork and engagement of all players in advancing integrity level. In an ideal education, students need to be involved in researching for new information that can enrich the already existing knowledge stock on integrity. Intensive consultation between learners and education experts can also be a major trait that can characterize an ideal education. Intensive consultation between students and experts will significantly help in advancing the exchanges of ideas and opinions between all stakeholders in the education sectors that can help in advancing integrity level. The creation of a platform where all players are given equal opportunity to present their suggestions on emerging educational issues can also be of critical importance in improving the integrity level in modern higher learning institutions. An ideal education can also be described as education and training that meet both the integrity interests of the learner and the demand of modern economic sectors. An education that lacks the ability of fulfilling its students’ integrity demands can therefore be referred to as substandard education. Furthermore, an ideal education can also be characterized by the availability of a huge number of reference and reading materials vital in supporting the students' integrity at all levels. In his presentation Newman states that integrity at all disciplines are interconnected and serve the same purpose.
Involving students in researches will largely help students in understanding the most effective means of improving their competence level. This is vital in creating an opportunity of interaction between students and other professionals. The adoption of modern technology will also play a significant role in improving the integrity level in the modern education sector. Despite expanding the sources of critical information in the education sector, modern information technology will largely help in creating a platform where students and professionals from various social and cultural backgrounds could interact and share new ideas and suggestion about the importance of integrity in a higher learning institution.
In the light of the above analysis, it is factual to state that integrity in the education sector is one of the key pillars that shape success in modern universities. Furthermore, the adoption of effective and reliable integrity improvement strategy can be of critical importance in improving students’ performances. Students need to have the basic knowledge of the strategies for developing strong and rational arguments to foster their integrity. Furthermore, analyzing issues from diverse perspectives while seeking adequate support from professionals are essential in articulating realistic positions. This means that fostering inclusiveness, engaging professionals and other and conducting researches highlight the essentials for establishing ideal education system in the contemporary society.
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