Dissociative Identity Disorder Article Review Examples

Published: 2021-06-25 15:20:06
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The article discusses the use of psychotherapy as an approach of addressing and handling dissociative identity disorder. The author provides certain issues to take into account before beginning the psychotherapy sessions. Firstly, the author indicates that the psychotherapy needs to be done for a period between two and ten years for effectiveness. Further, sessions need to be long with minimum sessions lasting an hour. Additionally, the sessions need to be more frequent to prevent the client from carrying too much disturbing issues. The author also indicates that boundary considerations are of importance to the DID client. The psychotherapist needs to observe strict boundaries to maintain objectivity in the sessions. This is because the vulnerability of the client may become contagious and may lead to the therapist acting unethically. The author also notes an important issue dealing with contracts. Since dealing with DID clients, some alters or host may tend to be violent or aggressive. The therapist needs to set ground rules for both the host and alter, and conditions that will warrant the contract null and void.
This article provides vital information, which can be very helpful to psychotherapists. For instance, the issue of the psychotherapy being long-term is a vital consideration for therapist considering retirement in the near future. Furthermore, when working with DID clients that have undergone trauma, having the frequent sessions is vital to prevent the client from having to handle too much disturbing issues. This is particularly important in cases where the client may be suicidal or have self-harming tendencies. Furthermore, since the issue of attachment is quite common among the DID clients, it is recommended that the therapist conduct group therapy sessions. Therapists being attached to one alter and neglecting the other may cause the DID client to engage in self-harm when they feel threatened by the other identity.
Ringrose, J. L. (2011). Meeting the needs of clients with dissociative identity disorder:
considerations for psychotherapy. British Journal Of Guidance & Counselling, 39(4), 293-305.

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