Diagnosing Trichomonas Gallinae Infections In The Pink Pigeon Columba Mayeri: A Research Proposal Sample

Published: 2021-07-03 16:45:05
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Diagnosing Trichomonas Gallinae Infections in the Pink Pigeon Columba Mayeri: A Comparison of the InPouch TF Culture System
Flagellate protozoan parasite Trichomonas Gallinae is a flagellate protozoan parasite that has been known to infect columbiform birds such as doves and pigeons. This parasite has been identified as agent causing mortality in the endangered pink pigeon (Columbia mayeri) population in Mauritius . There have been various methods in detecting Trichomonas parasites, and some of these methods are applicable for Trichomonas Gallinae. These methods include OSOM rapid test ; wet mount microscopy; and InPouch TF culture system . The objective of the proposed research is to examine the applicability and effectiveness of molecular identification using DNA primer and PCR ; OSOM rapid test for Trichomonas, InPouch TF culture system; and wet mount diagnostic methods for detecting Trichomonas gallinae from Pink Pigeon.
Materials used for the proposed research will consist of: a population of Pink Pigeon (Columba mayeri) that has been infected with Trichomonas galleni. One hundred Pink Pigeon individuals will be used for this research. Oral, esophageal, and rectal swabs will be prepared for the diagnostic methods. Each of the diagnostic will be conducted using these swab samples. Time required to complete each diagnostic procedure will be recorded for applicability and effectiveness analysis.
Analysis of applicability will be done based on the availability of kits and/or materials to perform each diagnostic procedure. Availability will be examined based on price of kits/materials and time required to obtain each kit/material. The highest score for availability will be for diagnostic kit with the lowest price and the shortest time to obtain. Effectiveness analysis will be done based on the ability of each to detect Trichomonas gallinae and the time required to perform the diagnostic procedure. The highest score for effectiveness will be the diagnostic procedure with the most accurate detection (100% prevalence) and the shortest time required to obtain the result. Results will be summarized in a matrix to show the evaluation of both availability and effectiveness.
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