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Published: 2021-06-23 16:35:04
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I/O Psychology (Industrial & Organization Psychology) is an important branch of Applied Psychology. It is related with managing workers in a company/industry in the most efficient manner. It is especially important for solving the problems that the work force face daily when they use automatic machines or computers. I/O Psychology has many advantages. It makes it easy for employers to develop simple methods for offering a better environment for the employees. It also makes certain that employees have an identity and respect. It has proved beneficial for recruiting and helping people so that they can maintain their jobs and perform well. The main goal of I/O psychology is to improve the workplace by making it better for workers. I/O psychology makes the workers productive for the company/industry. By achieving this goal, a company/industry can have a strong impact on their competitors. It can be said that I/O psychology has brought rewards for both the employers and the employee.
Response 1: This piece of work explains the importance of I/O psychology. It tells the reader how scientific principles are used to make workers improve their performance. It also tells that I/O psychology is divided into research and practice. Research is done in laboratories and the results are utilized in the practical field. The student has provided excellent information.
Response 2: The student has given a very short but valid definition of the I/O Psychology. It says that both human psychology and industrial psychology are related. This explanation of I/O psychology is explaining both organizational function and the industrial function.

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