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Published: 2021-07-03 16:55:05
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Biography of the Music Band U2
U2 is an Irish rock and roll band formed in Dublin in 1976. Originally, the band was composed of founding members Larry Mullen Jr., Paul Hewson, David Evans, Dik Evans, Adam Clayton, Ivan McCormick, and Peter Martin. Later on, some of the original founding members quitted leaving Clayton Mullen, Hewson, and David Evans to sing and play for the band.
The earliest history of the band can be traced back to as early as September of 1976 when Larry Mullen Jr. posted a notice on their school’s bulletin board signifying his interest in looking for musicians to form a new band. Six people, whose names have already been mentioned in the second sentence, responded. Initially, the band played during events and other extracurricular activities in their school. The remaining four members of the band stick to each other even after high school and throughout college.
One of the most defining moments for the band was when they won a talent contest in Limerick on the Saint Patrick’s Day of 1978. Their prize was 500 euros with a studio time to record and play a demo song that will be heard and played by CBS Ireland, one of the most prominent record labels during their time.
After recording their first demo in 1978 and having Paul McGuinness as the band’s official manager, the band released albums and embarked on music tours, majority of which received positive feedbacks from both the sponsors, critics, and the people.
U2’s peak was reached during the middle of the 80s, particularly the year after the group staged their first few international acts and published their first few international record albums. In the entire time that the band has been exposed to the brightness of the limelight, they were able to release 12 studio albums with a record number of 150 million records sold worldwide; be included in the list of all-time best selling music artists of all time by various internationally-recognized music organizations; win 22 Grammy awards, and be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame; be ranked at number 22 in the Rolling Stone’s list of 100 Greatest Artists of all Time; and be labeled as the Biggest Band in the World. Today, the band still plays in various minor gigs and continues to believe that musical proficiency is not an absolute requirement to be successful in the music and recording industry.

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