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Published: 2021-07-05 12:50:05
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In order for the Powerbill Restaurant to ensure efficiency within its structures, it must ensure that resources are monitored as well as administered in an appropriate manner. One of the most vital elements in ensuring Powerbill restaurant’s effectiveness is how to manage and monitor the energy usage, as it is a very expensive resource. Energy usage in Powerbill business is termed to be out of control, which indicates that the staff members in the organization are unaware on how to conserve it in an appropriate manner. A thorough assessment and examination of the results portray a mismanagement of resources within the restaurant (Pirello, 2002).

According to the chart, it is evident that in the months of August, July, and even September much kWh are used inadequately. It appears that during these months employees leave lights on, electrical equipment running, and thermostat in those dining halls moving up and down, yet they are not in use. As the manager, I have noticed that these careless mistakes are causing the existing HVAC system to execute task using much energy (Camacho, 2011). I discovered that the dishwasher loads are only run with few items, which make it difficult to conserve the energy.

Comparing the usage of electricity throughout the years seems to be increasing with the months of August, July, and September posing the highest energy used each year. However, the Powerbill restaurant records reveal that in the year 2013 the consumption of electricity was high throughout. This implies that the organization had to pay high costs for the electricity (Pirello, 2002). It is clear that our employees lack any skills or knowledge concerning conservation of energy as well as various methods of controlling such wastes. In addition, I have noticed that the year 2013 records displayed an increment in the consumption of electricity each month from January to August and a decrease thereafter. However, in the year 2011, the energy consumption unveiled that there were not much wastage was experienced.

As the manager of Powerbill Restaurant, I believe that there should be energy control and monitoring measures so as to avoid further wastage of energy as a resource and costs used in operating the entire business. Energy is usually termed as one of the most crucial and even expensive resource to any organization (Camacho, 2011). Therefore, having energy management and monitoring skills and knowledge will assist Powerbill Restaurant attain efficiency. Formulating policies and regulations on how to control energy wastage will be of great assistance to the company. In addition, energy control will assist the restaurant to avoid destruction and other risks related to careless handling of electricity such as fire and accidents within the firm. This implies that the business will be able to avoid running a business based on massive losses (Camacho, 2011).

I will ensure that all standards put forth by necessary bodies governing the usage of energy are implemented and followed to the latter. For instance, it is vital for to switch off the lights after they are done using them. Furthermore, the dishwasher should always be loaded with the appropriate number of items before it is operated. All doors and windows should always remain closed and leaving hot water running unnecessarily will result into severe punishment for the responsible party. It is important to understand electricity usage within the organization is crucial, even though misuse of such resources could lead to losses as well (Pirello, 2002). I will initiate training sessions in order to equip all the employees with the knowledge on how to conserve energy as well as equipping them with safety measures in order to avoid any accidents. I will invite relevant authorities to inspect the all energy facilities within the company and allow them make suitable recommendations. Equipping the premises with appropriate and certified metering devices would ensure electricity is greatly regulated. Consequently, installation of equipment such as sensors, variable frequency drives, control valves, actuators and emergency operator stations would ensure energy wastage and loss is minimized adequately (Camacho, 2011).


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