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Published: 2021-06-24 16:45:04
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There are many life-threatening diseases in the world today than it had ever been before, but among the deadliest and fatal is cancer. Many people have died of these illnesses but the few who survive have a story to tell. Below is a moving story of a man who recovered from Testicular cancer.

- What was your experience when you were informed of the diagnosis?

I was in complete shock. I mean, there I was young, healthy and doing my activities normally then suddenly, I have cancer? I was worried about losing my life, my family. I did not know how to tell the family. I just could not think straight. I thought the doctor was joking.

- Who gave you the news?

I had gone for a medical checkup after experiencing some soreness in my groin for months. I had this symptom, headaches and difficulty in breathing. Then after the diagnosis, the doctor came and from his looks, I knew something was amiss. He gave me the results of the diagnosis.

- What treatment did you choose?

The range of treatment method offered, I choose surgery and chemotherapy. I had a feeling they would work and oh yes, they did.

- How was pain managed?

With the help of my health, team who gave me the comfort and encouragements to keep fighting really lessened the pain. The doctor prescribed painkillers that I used to relieve the pain.

- How were you treated by other people?

The reactions were different with different people. Some were afraid that I was going to die but most of my friends, family and the health team were supportive and helped me to move on. If it were not for them, I would not be here today.

- What aspect of the illness was most difficult?

The surgeries were difficult, I was afraid. I thought I would not make it through. The emotional aspect was the most difficult. To wake each day and you do not know what will happen to your life is worrying.

- What lessons did you learn from this experience?

There is a lot I learnt. First, true cure is in our attitude to fight. Second, the support around you means a lot in such hard times and let us not forgets the impact that such illnesses have on the patient. It is not that cancer is curable but with the right support, mentality and care, it is manageable.
It is evident there is life after cancer. Censer is tough and still claims many lives but hope is the greatest weapon we have. We should not shy away, ask the questions, take care of yourself, surround yourself with friends and do whatever you have to do to keep hope alive.

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