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Published: 2021-06-24 13:25:04
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Keshkek is an traditional food in the Ottoman Cuisine. It is a dish originated from the Turkish nomads culture and after they came to Anatolia, their new name became Ottomans, they continued this traditional food. The Turkish nomads were cooking this dish for special days like wedding celebration. We know that this food was an important dish in the Ottoman palaces.

Keshkek is a very simple food. They boil wheat with boned chicken or beef and they take bones out and blend the boiled meet and the wheat together until it becomes like a gum. This gummy mixture is used as the base of the dish. A sauce from tomato, red pepper, boiled meet and some boiled meet water is prepared and this is placed on the base wheat and it is served.
Keshkek can be prepared with different kind of meets such as chicken, beef, deer, duck, turkey and even pork. Also many different kind of sauces can be used as topping. We can use different seasonings.


This business is a new business and Keshkek can be a substitute to many fast foods such as burger, pizza, pasta, rice and chicken etc. It is possible to create a franchise chain in the future.


Keshkek has many competencies. They are explained below:

Satisfactory: Eating a portion of Keshkek is very satisfactory and a person eating Keshkek for a meal can stay full at least 6 hours.

Nutricient: Because it is a simple food and real meet, wheat, and vegetables(not processed) are used, it is very nutricient.
Fast: It is possible to cook a lot of Keshkek and store it in the refrigator. It stays fresh in the fridge. So everyday easily it can be served and the customers do not need to wait.

Tasty: The wheat base with meet and seasonings make it very tasty. There are many Latin Americans, Middle Easterns and other people from different ethnicities live in the country. This food is something fits their taste.
Story behind food and Authentic Name: It has a real story and Keshkek name is very authentic. People like authentic names.
Cheap to produce: Wheat is the most of the production cost and it is a cheap material.

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