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Published: 2021-06-28 15:45:05
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Behavior of a person plays a vital role for impressing others; accordingly I am also impressed by some behaviors. I am impressed by the assertive types of behavior because they have clarity about what one wants; it incorporates elements of bravery, and honesty. It helps the others to feel confident and explain properly without any hesitation (Gillen, 1998). Assertive behaviors have impressed me due to the reason that they make clear and concise communication possible. For example, from the assertive behavior I can have a better idea about the fact why the person is angry or why he/she is happy. Moreover, problem solving behaviors in which anger is controlled have impressed me. I like this type of the behavior due to the fact that it encourages people to find a suitable strategy that can be applied to solve the problem without being angry. Additionally, the behaviors that incorporate element of humor have impressed me as they help people feel much better without being nervous such as during interviews.

During an interview, the interviewer asked me about something and I have answered him wrong as I have not listened to his words properly and have not noted his expressions while he was asking and this has pave the way to my rejection for the job. This has helped me a lot to improve my own communication and interaction skills with others as I come to know that without proper listening I cannot give the desired response to the person. This is due to the reason that effective communication involves listening properly and delivering the message clearly and according to the requirements of other person’s question (O’ Rouke, 2009). At that time I replied very fast and in a quick manner, this experience has improved my communication skills as now I respond in a polite manner and give answer after I have heard the words of person properly and after he finishes his sentence, without interrupting him in the middle.

Moreover, this has also helped me to interact with other in a suitable and proper manner. Previously, I do not note the facial expressions and body gestures, which are a vital aspect of communication, but now I note all these things because sometimes a person’s facial expressions and gestures of body say all. This has also helped me to empathize i.e., now while communicating I see the things from other’s point of view without being biased or judgmental.


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