Counseling Psychology Theories Course Work Examples

Published: 2021-06-28 15:40:03
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Counseling necessitates that a counselor possess the abilities to detect the right theories to apply whenever they are attending to their clients. This is so because each individual client has their own issues that are personal in nature and need to be attended to in such a way that they get fully addressed. It is for this reason that various theories need to be looked at and the best theory that suits each individual client is applied (Gladding 2013). Theories are therefore very important in counseling and it is clear that in as much as several theories exist to this effect, each individual theory is applicable to various independence situations even though at times it is possible to combine some. Theories come in handy as they are the basis upon which counselors collect and assemble clinical data, simplify complex assumptions and situations and also make judgments and find directions when they go about addressing different problems.

It is true that at some point, theories overlap or influence each other. There are those that are more comprehensive that others and it is this is where they complement each other. They normally entangle with each other in terms of politics nature, culture and even language (Erford 2007). It is the work of the counselor to determine which theory can be used with another and which ones can be used in isolation. A good counselor will be in a position to define their own ways of dealing with the clients without confusing or mixing up the theories because this may make one end up using the wrong theories. It is imperative to know how to distinguish them, one from another and yet again pair them together so that one can come up with the best way of handling a client. These theories are therefore not used in isolation. The most important thing here is to evaluate a client and come up with the best theory or theories that can be applicable in addressing their problem.

Up to this far, I have learnt that a good counselor must be on top of the game in reference to their competitiveness in addressing and helping their clients. There are several ways of killing a rat and this applies to the case of counseling. One has to be comprehensive and keen to understand and deal with individual clients in the best way that they can use the best approaches in reference to the applicable theories (Erford 2012). As a good counselor, and a competent one at that, I will be required to prove to everyone that I will always be in a position to determine which theories best suit which given situation. When need arises, I should also use these theories concurrently in order to achieve the best results.

All the information that I have read is very informative as it is educative to me. It has served as an eye opener because I have come to know some very important things that am sure are going to help me in my career. I agree to the fact that one needs to be well informed before going out to discharge their duties. This text has been very helpful in making me see and understand all this is expected of me in order to be seen as competent. I am equally sure that with the knowledge on the applicable theories in my line of duty, I have been made a better person and my clients are going to receive the best of me.


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