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Published: 2021-06-26 20:00:04
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Chapter 13: Evaluation and Research

Evaluation and research is very important in every aspect of life. In counseling and counseling related activities, evaluation and research happens to be the back bone of all that takes place (Erford 2007). This is so because clients or patients need to be treated each, according to the problem ailing them. This is so because mental problems are not the same like one would say about physical body illnesses. There are conditions hat have a standardized form of treatment and counseling cannot be said to be like them. A good counselor is one who is always on the lookout, who wants to be a head and one who wants to always offer the perfect and most suitable form of counseling to the patients. It is at this point that evaluation and research comes in hand. Evaluation and research will therefore enable all counselors, me included, in providing quality client care and attention and also professionalism when dealing with clients.

The most important thing from this reading is the fact that I got to understand the uniqueness of these two term and how both activities can be done together in order to offer good services to the clients and staff as well. While evaluation comes in hand in helping counselors to know how best to use different programs in their work, research helps a counselor in doing investigative studies that make them better counselors. It is therefore imperative that a counselor to update themselves on what is happening in their field of work in order to make themselves better and get knowledge on the new things and technologies that come up each passing day.

I would want to become a better counselor myself, now and in the future, not only on the job but also at home with my family and friends. The text has been an eye opener for me because it has educated me on the importance of always gaining knowledge while on the job so as to offer the best practices that are necessary in going about my work as a counselor. I agree that evaluation and counseling is very important to any practicing counselor.

Chapter 14: Testing, Assessment and Diagnosis in Counseling

Testing and assessment is the key to diagnosis. It is after good testing has been done that assessment is done so as to come with the right diagnosis (Erford 2012). These three procedures are the key to proper treatment without which chances are, a counselor may not know what ails the client. Emphasis is put on using the best and quality instruments in conducting the tests because if a counselor fails to do the tests well, then chances are the wrong diagnosis and assessment will be arrived at. The most interesting about this study is the fact that counseling looked at through the lens of testing, assessment and counseling and how these three help make a good counselor.

The text has taught me that counselors should at all times ensure that their clients are fully involved in these three exercises. This ensures that the clients’ position is captured in regard to their expectations on the procedures done on them. When it comes to the interpretation of data, they ought to arrive at the right assessment in order to give a proper diagnosis. These three procedures work hand in hand when it comes to commencement of the treatment procedures otherwise the wrong treatment will be given to the wrong diagnosis and the end results will be damaging not only to the client but also to the counseling profession.

I do agree that for a counselor to be competent, they should master these three processes. They should never go wrong with them. They ought to keep themselves updated with current standards all the time so that they know that which is expected of them all the time. Otherwise, it will be a sad affair if one looks for shortcuts or does not meet the expectations of society and the profession as a counselor


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