Conflict Analysis & Resolution Personal Statement Examples

Published: 2021-07-10 15:20:05
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There is a strong saying that every problem has its solution, it is only matter of finding right elements to come out with the best solution. I majored in Childhood Education before and I learned about the different methodologies in handling complex situations. In this line, I would like to build on my previous exposure and stretch my potentialities more. I consider myself as an innovator who seeks to look for other means to approach things outside the status quo. Although I believe in structures, I believe that there’s more than what meets the eyes. With this mantra, I consider myself fit for the program that specializes in conflict resolution. As a person, I have encountered many conflicts as well. I face each situation with the mindset that I get out of that predicament a better and smarter person. I handle my problems with maturity. I can also extend my expertise with other people in terms of helping them find their solutions.
Some people have a difficult time handling their problems because they allow themselves to be conquered by the uncertainty. Instead of allowing trials to overwhelm an individual, the situation needs to be reversed. Problems must be handled with great composure in order to find the best solutions. I acknowledge that I am still a work in progress. I want to harness my skills so that I can integrate within my practice the various techniques and methodologies that I will learn. In order to be a positive towards the lives of other people, I want to embark on this profession. People are lost because they do not have a destination. I want to be someone who will provide people with guidance so that they too will find their way.

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