Colgate-Palmolive Co.: The Precision Toothbrush Case Study Sample

Published: 2021-07-08 17:30:04
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Toothbrush companies have used both money and time to come up with a toothbrush and oral health products that encourage their customers to brush recurrently, placidly and properly. The effort by major toothbrush manufacturers the USA has led to the creation of creation of 2.9 billion industry of oral care product only. The results are that people have changed their brushing habit from a compulsory behavior to a trendy lifestyle habit. Recent increased concern in oral health by consumers has triggered toothbrush manufacturers to invest on satisfying their customers by providing categories of toothbrush that can offer optimal dental health to all classes of consumers. The approach is well known as market segmentation.
Market Segment
Contemporary market for a particular product depends on the probable consumer, the market however vary in terms of customer's needs, attitude, social affiliation, sex, occupation, location and demographics. Toothbrush market is unique since it involves mostly value and professional, toothbrushes differs by head size and bristle nature. Though precision toothbrush was among the top brand of toothbrush as compared to other big brands like Oral-B's Reach brush and Johnson & Johnson Rose toothbrush, Colgate-Palmolive Company had to develop undifferentiated approach to satisfying' the company's ambition of earning more profit. Most consumers take both toothbrush and toothpaste seriously for effective brushing, consumers considered buying toothbrushes that were efficient in removing food particle as gum sensitization and plague removal were secondary factors. CP toothbrushes majored on the food particle removal hence experienced 82% of unplanned purchases. It was then obvious that consumers were more concerned with the type of toothbrush than the brand of toothpaste. In toothbrush market segment there are two groups of brushes that must be considered for effective marketing that are Therapeutic Brushes and Cosmetic Brushes. Therapeutic Brushes was the main CP concern when they were producing precision toothbrush; CP focused on eliminating tooth decay, gum diseases and gingivitis, these will enable brushes to control oral care problems. The second segments of brushes were focusing on a cleaner white tooth. Oral-B was the preference for the second segment. There is uncategorized segment of uninvolved brushes; they can go for either the two segments'.
Consumer behavior
Consumer behavior is a key factor while evaluating market segmentation; consumer's attitude towards a product, knowledge of the product usage rate and response to a product must be taken into consideration while handling market segmentation. Even though, majority of consumers are aware that effective brushing depends on both the type of toothbrush and toothpaste. However, a part of the consumer population still needs awareness through advertising and better product awareness campaigns to enlighten them on the importance of type of toothbrush in relation to toothpaste. Professional recommendations that ensure comfort while one uses precision toothbrush explains why some consumers are specific with the type of brand used. That why Colgate-Palmolive Company designed precision to be the toothbrush that offers comfort.
Though precision toothbrush was a success, consumers have not been exposed advanced technology through production of super-premium toothbrush. Benchmarking on precision toothbrush, Colgate-Palmolive should focus on using advanced skills to produce super toothbrush so as gain a big market share. Next generation toothbrushes after precision should be modeled with attractive colors and super catchy design since consumers have started taking keen interest on such properties. CP should start focusing on ascending into the mainstream market through marketing precision toothbrush because the company has proved that it can produce high-end products. The ascension will give CP a platform to produce more oral products that will increase sales; the high-end sales will be because people shall have known CP company through precision toothbrush.
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