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Published: 2021-06-23 00:50:06
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Character sketch #1: The Character of the Narrator
Since my story is in first person, the narrator of the story presents my point of view. This character is at first a young female student full of ambition yet with a negative sense of self. She has low self confidence in her writing and easily becomes defensive. Her own insecurities cause her to lash out at others and avoid criticism. As the plot develops, so does the character. She begins to realize that her friend was indeed right and if she wished to improve her writing skills she needed to learn how to accept criticism. This story is a journey of self-growth for the character. She begins as a shallow, self-centered friend that is insecure about her talents. She blossoms into a successful writer and a more confident person who is able to accept love from her friends’ even if is what she needs to hear not wants to hear.
Character Sketch #2: Male Friend
The male character in this story is also near the same age as the narrator. He is a loyal friend, filled with compassion for his friend. He is however, rather blunt in nature even if he ultimately has his friends best interests at heart. His strong since of integrity prohibits him from apologizing simply to avoid hurting her feelings. He wants his friend to learn to accept and learn from her mistakes. The friend, ten years later, presents a deep sense of undying loyalty by showing up at her book signing after not speaking to her for years. He is uncertain as to what her reaction will be but willing to take a chance to let her know that he still cares about her.
Female: “So what did you think?” she asks anxiously as he reads her story.
Male: “Not sure this will cut it, I mean isn’t the point to provide a detailed account of events, this seems a bit barren.” He states honestly.
Female: “But I worked hours on it, I don’t want to change it. You are just trying to hurt me because you know I want to be a writer one day. How dare you shoot down my dreams!”
Male: *sighs* “I’m not going to apologize for my opinion.”
Female: *turns red* “Then obviously you are not a very good friend.

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