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Published: 2021-07-07 23:00:05
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10 C’s of Communication
Effective communication is essential for the success of any organization. In order to add good communication skills, one must understand the basic facts of the communication. Ten C’s of communication are the well-known factors practiced at corporate and unofficial communication. Ten C’s of communication are important to be considered being on whatever the medium or channel. However, the priority or the importance of 10 C’s vary as according to the medium used.
Communication can make or ruin relationships; whether, it is corporate or an unofficial relationship. Of the ten C’s of communication, content, completeness, correctness, and clarity are the most important factors to make communication successful. Similarly, in case of email messages in corporate world, clarity, coherence, and completeness are considered most important factors. Since, if the receiver is unable to understand the purpose and content of the message, then it not only leads to misinterpretation, but may also ruin the reputation of the organization.
Traditional written communication include memos, formal letters, and reports. These documents are intended to address complex issues that must be presented in a structured format. Effective written communications are reliant on how well the message is structured and written. Considering, the main purpose of memos, the document is structured accordingly. Memos intend to create a record that may be useful for the organization in the future, detail reporting, and inquire recipients to think and respond on the content, if necessary.
Technology has lifted the importance of electronic communication in businesses at all levels. Most of the official correspondences, from administrative staff to CEO make use of email, faxing, teleconferencing, or instant messaging to communicate with each other. It is easy to communicate via electronic means as it allows easy retrieval of messages at any time, include electronic data, i.e. electronic graphs, charts, budget numbers, and annual reports. In addition, audio, pictorial, and video information may also be attached in email or electronic messages.
However, whatever channel is being used by the sender, the message must be accurate. It is highly important that the sender check and recheck the message for inaccuracies before sending. The message receivers expect complete, clear, and accurate messages. They do not care, how much time, the sender had, but it only reflects the bad impression of the organization and unprofessionalism .
The importance of ten C’s of communication varies in case of memo writing or emails. However, certain other aspects are also considered for making the email conversation successful and effective. After composing the email message, the writer must review it for spelling and reread it from perspective of the receiver. Is every word in the message is understandable? This refer to coherence and clarity of the message. Will the respondent get what the message refers in the first sentence? Is all information required is included in the message for the understanding of the respondent? This refers to completeness of the message. If any information is missed from the message, then it makes the communication ineffective.
Considering the case of an internal email memo sent by Bobby Johnson to 50 recipients, certain communication problems were identified. The internal email memo is given as follows;
In the above email message, first and one of the most important particular of formal communications is missing, i.e. date. Second, address is also not given. It is assumed by the sender that recipient knows about the location of the office. Even if, the recipient knows about the address, still it is important to mention it since, details are crucial for good communication.
Third, Bobby wants the staff members or recipients to contribute in for the party and gift expenses. However, it is not stated clearly, whether the contribution would go for the gift certificate or the party expenses. Fourthly, the memo does not provide complete information about the details of the party, i.e. if dinner will be served or just drinks at the bar. Neither, it mentions, whether family or spouses are invited at the party. Moreover, the ASAP at the end of the message is an unclear instruction .
This email message does not have complete information and therefore, recipients would have to call or message to the sender for clarification and additional information. Bobby Johnson would possible receive 50 email messages or calls just because of the reason that he did not proofread the memo from an audience-centered perspective. This memo needs number of alterations to make it clear for the recipients and further information must be added.
Hello everyone. As you know, Joe Banyon is retiring next month. I have been asked by some of his friends and colleagues to arrange a farewell party in his honor. As for the tradition, we would like to present Joe Banyon a gift certificate as an honor. In order to organize a farewell party and get the gift certificate, we like to have your contributions. The total expense for the gift and the party would be around $200. The contribution will be made equally by all staff members.
The farewell party date is 22 August 2014, Friday, 6 pm at City Café. We hope to see you in the party. Please, respond as soon as possible for confirmation.
In the above internal email memo, date, and address has been added. The reason of the party and contributions has been stated clearly. Moreover, total expenses to be incurred are also mentioned so members can easily calculate their part of contribution. The venue and the date of farewell party has also been accurately mentioned. Unclear directives have been removed. In addition, language that is more formal has been used in the memo. In short, the common strategies of communication have been used to make the memo more effective. It mainly emphasized on the clarity, completeness, coherence, conciseness, courtesy, and an appropriate closure of the email memo .
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