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Published: 2021-07-08 11:30:05
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I have looked over your concerns about the installation and operation of the video wall screens at the station. The purpose of having the video wall in the station it to help you in advertisement and marketing. you would like to have direct control over your product commercials at all times, so that can change the nature of your adverts in real time in order to reach your target market. While this is a good idea, it departs from your initial order that we agreed upon, therefore, we would have to change the work order to meet your specification. This means that our revised work order will now include installation of a picture processor in the system that will allow you to choose, merge and highlight the products you wishes to display in real time. We will also have to revise the previous cost and time quotations accordingly.
The second concern was about the sequence of operation in case of an emergency. In response, I suggested that you should have an example of a scenario that would normally play out that the contractor could review after the holiday. This will give the contractor an idea of what will be on display every 10 to 15 seconds, making it easier for him to customize the system. The question of what happens during an emergency depends on the software configuration the client decides to utilize. This was also not in the technical query document we received, but we have standard provisions for the same. That is, we configure our software to prioritize events and in case of multiple events, the alarm raised will depend on the threat level of the said events. Nevertheless, I would get further clarification on the same from the contractor before our next meeting.
Letter to the Contractor
In our subsequent meeting with the client on 10/01/2014, we went over your proposal for the CCTV operation. I showed him the sketches representing the location and connection of each working station and the relevant LED screens and explained the idea of having the screens networked in such a way that they can display actual happenings in the event of a threat/ when an alarm goes off.
In light of this, I would like to organize another meeting to address the progress made on the installation of GSM cables so far. The meeting will also allow you to clarify any details I might have left out and provide suggestions to the client on how to improve system administration. The client would like to have administrative access over the display on the video wall. This changes the initial work order that you are installing. Kindly work out a new proposal to reflect these changes and in case advise on corresponding cost and time of installation. The other concern raised by the client is over the sequence of events in case of a threat. Although I informed him of our standard provision for the same, your input on this will be highly appreciated. I advised the client to provide you with a sample of what normal operations are like at his workstations to give you a better idea on how to customize the system. I would like to schedule this meeting for the last week of this month, kindly let me know a date suitable for you as soon as possible. I look forward to your response.
Best Regards.

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