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Published: 2021-06-24 17:15:04
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Firms become successful and taking competitive advantage over the others, through the use of practice approach. These organizations have different management practices which distinguish between goods and services. They employ strategic management and essential business strategies which determine their competence. They have different employee management which makes them part of the company band help it meet its objectives and achieve customer satisfaction. An ideal competent firm is clearly associated with particular employee group such as customer services and better marketing strategies. Addition of the employment strategy employed by a firm makes it more competitive (Cappelli, & Crocker-Hefter 1996).
Human assists is a distinctive core competence in an organization. This combined with business strategies makes the business compete through flexible and move fast to seize opportunities. Such firms develop employee competence from within. A good example is the 49er sports club that over the years has developed a policy of recruiting young players who it trains and later promote them to the first time. This policy has paid good dividends over the years as it has been very successful since 1983 (Armstrong, & Armstrong, 2009).
An in-established competence makes the firm compete through their dominance in an established market and rely on organization specific capabilities developed from within and group-wide coordination. A firm with human resource competence and good business strategy and flexible and have the advantage of moving in very fast in attacking new market and have a quick response to changing customer preference. Such a firm works as a team therefore delivering in a more appropriate manner than a firm that lacks such employee competence and human assists that have internalized the policies of the firm objectives (Cappelli, & Crocker-Hefter 1996).
The San Francisco 49ers and Oakland Raiders are among the most successful teams in American sports due to their player management model. Though they have different models, 49ers use the strategy of long-term player development while the Raiders use trade by buying players from who do not fit elsewhere. However for each team this has been successful (Cappelli, & Crocker-Hefter 1996).
Sears and Nordstrom are legends in the retailing industry. However, the two firms are different in employment practices. Sears is known for its sophisticated selection test in American industry to achieve extremely high productive power and its efforts have paid. This success is amplified by two noteworthy practices in the sale representative management; one is the intensive training, operating system and sales technique and second is the pay program. On the other hand, Nordstrom success comes from its recruitment of experienced employees and employee qualities of pleasant personality and motivation (Armstrong, & Armstrong, 2009).
Another example is the Harvard business school and Wharton school. Harvard school is known for internal development skills where it takes young academics, hires them as assistant professors and then turns them into business experts. It is also known for its unique skills and abilities to solve problems through clinical methods and teaching using Socratic methods. On the other hand Wharton school seeks already developed faculty with PH.D programs from competitors. This ensures the hired candidate has skills recognized elsewhere. This makes it easier to more faculties in and out enabling the use of outside market (Cappelli, & Crocker-Hefter 1996).
In the finance services the outstanding firms in HRM are Chubb and American International Group (A.I.G). Chubb looks for problems and gives the customers the best through identifying gaps, approach customers and offer them superior insurance protection. Its success comes through its investments in employees. It recruits graduates from the most prestigious undergraduate schools. A.I.G on the other hand achieves success in a different way but attached to human resources. Unlike Chubb, AIG is a market maker, it identifies new business areas, create new product and benefit from fast move returns (Armstrong, & Armstrong, 2009).
Coca cola and Pepsi are two soft drink producers with different business strategy despite their products being so related. Coke enjoys its worldwide success through its employment system. It hires and creates the employee skills and hangs on to them, provide extensive training and the jobs are very secure. This company culture is carried on and on. Pepsi uses diversified strategy with complicated management challenges. It relies on innovation and market niche. It hires experienced people with advanced degree. It fosters individual competition which brings new ideas in its system (Cappelli, & Crocker-Hefter 1996).
Human resources specialists handle an organization’s daily human resources operations and functions. These include recruiting and interviewing of new staffs in the organization. The specialists also administer company policies and procedures. Their experiences however are needed in this operations and functions of each and every organization. Gaining human resources experience involves processing the skill that employer seek out and having required education qualifications (Armstrong, & Armstrong, 2009). Therefore, human resources specialist must find out various ways in order to gain work experiences that is required.
The mentioned companies have a future in their human resources functions. Therefore the following points I should put in consideration hence maintaining the overall functions of the Kuwaiti businesses. These include I be in the scope of practice for human resources. This tackles on the following areas. I should development and implementation of human resources policies and procedures. This aid the company to have good business strategy and become successful, therefore improving its productions. In order to cooperate with the management I should practice consultation in the area of human resources management therefore I enhance management of the businesses.
Additionally, I should provide appropriate and right advice to managers, employees and clients in all matters pertaining management of human resources. On the other hand I should have experience in representing of organizations and clients on preceding that are related to my professional. Other related experiences in human resource are coaching of managers and employees in matter relating employment and work. I should be able to conduct researches and teaching in my area of professional management (Cappelli, & Crocker-Hefter 1996). These experiences have helped in other businesses that are mention above therefore they will be of high importance in Kuwaiti businesses.
However, in every field of professional there must be challenges and obstacles that may be encountered, therefore it is advisable to have ways to deal with them. The following are the challenges, managing change. This has become a problem as the organizations are going global. But with application of my experience I would provide advice to managers and employees who therefore make them acquainted with the changes (Armstrong, & Armstrong, 2009).
Additionally, work culture as HR one should manage to develop the work culture to prevent acquisition and mergers taking place. Ethics and values are other challenges that the HR should have the experience to deal with them this is because ethics and values in long run decide the sustainability of the organization. Low attrition rate in management: More competition also enhances high attrition (Cappelli, & Crocker-Hefter 1996). Now here is the opportunity for the Human resource manager to play safe and introduce good retention strategies.
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Cappelli, P. & Crocker-Hefter, A. (1996) Organizational Dynamic, Distinctive Human Resources Are Firms Core Competencies, 7-22.

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