Case Study On HR Case Analysis: Yahoo

Published: 2021-07-10 01:30:05
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Yahoo is one of the oldest and most widely used website globally that have contributed to the development of the internet. The creativity that is reflected by its web page is evidence of its success. However, in the year 2001-2002, the company seriously faced HR issues that have affected the company’s employee’s performance and satisfaction. Yahoo! hired Sartain in managing development and putting efforts to lead HR team (Losey, Meisinger and Ulrich, 2005). This paper will highlight core HR issue along with an action plan that would help the company to overcome its human resource problems.
HR Issue
The key issue identified is the lack of clearly defined roles and job analysis that has created mismanagement in the company. As a result of poor job description and analysis, the roles and responsibilities were not fully fulfilled this has created a road block in achieving organizational objectives. In addition, the compensation and training provided to the employees was also in adequate. When Sartain arrived at Yahoo, she found no learning and development function which is vital for every organization. In addition, the employees were provided training on the job that has narrowed down their skills and knowledge of their respective job. The employees were provided with compensations that were below the market rate that has also created internal customer dissatisfaction at Yahoo.
Action Plan
It is very important for the Yahoo! to overcome its HR issues as it has severe impact on the employee and organizational performance. Therefore, an action plan is created to ensure that it meet its desired objectives within the time duration. Moreover, the action plan will benefit all the stakeholders of the Yahoo! that mainly includes internal customers and employees. The following is the Action Plan along with the objectives that must be achieved after its implementation.
Contingency Approach of the action plan
In order to implement the action plan, adequate amount of fund is required. However, due to low profitability, Yahoo may not fully implement the plan at its expected time frame. Therefore, if the HR management fails to implement the designed plan, the time allocated to achieve each objective can be delayed by only two months; however, the action and objectives would remain same. In addition, even if more appropriate budget is not allocated to fully implement the plan, the hiring of new managers and training and development workshops, seminars etc that is discussed in the action plan can be reduced by 50%.
Thus, the action plan will help to overcome different HR issues at Yahoo. Therefore, it is recommended that Yahoo must carefully implement the action plan. Moreover, the implementation of the action plan must also be regularly monitored by top management and Human resource management. In addition, the 360 degree appraisal must be done to find out the deviation, if any, which will enable Yahoo to take immediate corrective actions. Moreover, the random employee feedback must be taken to ensure find out the employee satisfaction level, improved performance and organizational success.
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