Case Study On Deloitte

Published: 2021-06-25 11:40:04
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I chose to perform a study of the human resource practices at Deloitte, this was due to the fact that I have a close relative who works in the organization and thus I could assess more information about the firm. The firm seeks to identify employees who possess excellent capabilities and skills in the areas of; professional audit, financial advisory, tax and enterprise consultancy. The determining factor with regards to capabilities is that the employees must be endowed with skills which would help to achieve the company’s planned strategies. The recruitment process in this organization is performed as a way of filling any gaps that exist between the company’s future human resource strategies and the current HR strategies in the company.
However, the organization also embraces outsourcing of professional services as a way of hiring external talent to supplement the organization. The company strives to widen its employee diversity so as to suit its comprehensive customer diversity. The company also offers opportunities internally to their workforce by giving a first priority to applications made by existing employees as a way of creating employee motivation. The process of hiring in Deloitte involves a variety of tests to verify the competence of employees. This comprises of high level aptitude tests which are categorized in different ways depending on the job description. Recruitment at Deloitte is not only focused on the technical competence of the employee but also keeps an interest in the employee’s personality. However, Deloitte also allows recruitment of employees in their graduate recruitment program which seeks to tap a lot of talent from various leading universities in the world.
The company ensures that it maintains high quality employees by making it certain that their employees receive the relevant training and development to improve their skills and talents. The company offers career models to the employees where choice is made depending on the employee’s preference and geographical locations. This helps to mould the employees as they improve and further their endeavors in their career. The organization realizes that employee performance is essential in the current competitive human resource field. For this reason, Deloitte formulates human resource performance measures that are linked with the organizational objectives of the firm. This helps to ensure that the predetermined goals are achieved as planned. The company seeks to implement performance measures that are value related rather than the common cost related performance measures laid by a majority of companies. The company believes that performance measurement should be performed with regard to the business impact expected so as to ensure higher employee productivity.

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