Case Study On Alterations During Menopause

Published: 2021-06-25 05:00:05
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Menopause is a common stage of life; this is a period whereby a woman experience differences on her periods as they gradually stop. Some of symptoms which can be revealed include changes on estrogen and even progesterone (Jeremy, 2005).
Researchers and other professionals call this period menopausal transition. Normally, symptoms can be seen even before the last menstrual period. A woman is supposed to admit she has menopause after a full year without experiencing menstrual period.
Scientifically, women experience menstrual period up to the age of 51. However, others experience menopause even before fifty’s. Moreover, there are women who still experience menstrual period even after fifty’s. Menopause can be an outcome of numerous factors. They may include smoking and hysterectomy. These factors have the big effects to the menstrual periods as they would eventually stop. Additionally, there is a possibility to avoid symptoms of menopause (Buzzle, 2012).
Women may not develop any symptoms when their ovaries have not been disturbed. This means that, they will still producing hormones. After a while, ovaries would fail to produce enough estrogen and lead a woman to start realizing symptoms. The process of oophorectomy would directly cause menopause to a woman. This is the process of removing ovaries from a uterus. Once ovaries are removed, the body would start experiencing changes that would lead to menopause. Free radicals refer to natural by-products of oxygen metabolism, which are always associated with prevailing chronic diseases, including cardiovascular disease. Free radicals are known to inflame and even damage coronary arteries, the blood vessels that supply the heart muscle (Nicholls, 2001). This inflammation may contribute to the development of atherosclerosis, a condition that is characterized by the partial or complete blockage of one or more coronary arteries. It may seriously affect pregnant women, who rely on iron supplements for boosting blood levels. After a careful analysis of the harmful effects of iron supplements on pregnant women, other researchers suggest that iron may contribute to the oxidation of LDL ("bad") cholesterol, changing it to a form that is more damaging to coronary arteries. There are several symptoms that can be revealed when a woman is facing menopause. However these particular symptoms are diverse. This is because the body uses estrogen in its many parts, and when a woman does not have enough estrogen, she is likely to have different symptoms (Buzzle, 2012).
The following are the different symptoms which women face during menopause as well as treatments.
Hot flashes
- A woman should be able to recognize her flashes and try to avoid them as soon as possible.
- A woman should make sure that she dresses in layers and immediately remove them if she feels some signs of flash.
- She should avoid hotness by using fan or air condition whether in the office or at home.
- She should also consult a doctor so that she can be advised on her menstrual periods. The doctor’s advice will help her avoid symptoms towards menopause.
- She should be taking slow and deep breaths when the flash is taking place.
- If a woman is overweight, she should make sure she cuts her weight down as soon as possible in order to avoid hot flashes which would eventually lead to menopause.
Vaginal dryness
- During the period of menopause, a woman is likely to face difficulties when she is having sex.
- She may also use other methods which would make sex more comfortable. She may apply Replens as an over the counter vaginal moisturizer.
Sleeping Problems
- A woman is argued to be both physically and emotionally active so that she can comfortably sleep. She should exercises close to bed time.
- She should also avoid moving before close to bed time. She should avoid taking coffee and excessive alcohol.
- She should make sure she takes tea or anything which is warm before she gets into the bed.
- She should turn the lights off before she sleeps sop that she can keep the room dark, cool as well quiet.
- If she wakes at the midnight and fail to go back to bed, she should look for something relaxing until she feels sleepy again.
- She should be open to a doctor about her sleep problems.
- Hot flashes are categorized as the reasons for the sleep problems. She should make sure she treats them immediately to improve sleep.
Mood swings
- She can avoid mood swings by staying physically and emotionally active all the time.
- The advice of therapists or doctors can help her avoid stress and depression.
- She should b supportive and cooperate with other women who under go the same problem.
- She should use menopause hormone therapy to ease her stress and depression.
Memory problems
- There are so many women who are suffering from the main problems. The study clearly reveals that memory difficulties are normally caused by menopause. However, women should dare to use menopause hormone therapy to boost their memory capability.
- She should make sure she spends most of the time sleeping so that she can often improve symptoms.
- She should expose herself to mental exercises.
- She should also see a doctor or therapist if the problems become worse and uncontrollable.
The menopause hormone therapy is provided to women who are in the menopause period. This kind of medication has been practiced by so many women across the World. It is also termed as a standard medication for hot flashes. Therapists argue that hormone therapy can treat heart problems and even dementia (Crowther, 2010).
The hormone therapy was banned when the medicine researchers found that, the hormone therapy has many risks than positive effects. It was even more risk when provided to postmenopausal women. Since many people decided not to recognize this therapy any more, doctors and therapists became less concerned to offer it to the patients. Recently, the therapy has been adversely banned and no longer used for disease treatment However; there are doctors who still provide hormone therapy depending on the risk levels (Blackburn, 2007).
Some of the risks of hormone therapy have, include making women’s breasts mammograms. So many women have been negatively affected by hormone therapy despite of its few benefits. However, risks in relation to hormone therapy depends on the age of an individual both current and at the menopause stage. It also depends whether estrogen is provided alone or together with progestin. Other risks which can be caused by hormone therapy include cardiovascular, heart problems and breast cancer.
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