Can The Man Of 2014 Go Beyond Culture And Still Survive Case Studies Example

Published: 2021-07-07 06:35:05
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Edward Twitchell Hall Jr. authored the book ‘Beyond culture’ in the year 1976 thereby posing many questions to mankind regarding cross-cultural communication. Cultural anthropology had a major influence on his work and ‘Beyond Culture’ was based on reviving the lost sense of self and the lost sense of perspective.
This title works perfectly for this book as these two words sum up the entire theme which is to cross the cultural boundaries and deal with situations without having to be limited by cultural barriers. The title of this story is in synchronization with the theme that intends on throwing light on the viscous grip that culture has strangled mankind with. It tends to pose an alternative path wherein all situations and problems could be dealt in a more effective way by crossing cultural boundaries and acting in a different way.
It has been approximately four decades since this book was authored but somehow this piece of work hasn’t lost its relevance, even amongst changing times. In the 21st century, globalization has brought cultures and communities closer. However, since most people tend to work within their cultural boundaries, increasing adversities have been brought up some of which have been suppressed rather ruthlessly. Going beyond culture should be the norm in a globalized world wherein aims and ambitions are more important than tradition and community.
Culture was made by man and as such can be ended by man. No human is born with a culture but is made to gradually embrace one and live life according to it. Although going beyond culture might sound impossible, which could become the way humans lead their lives a few years from now. Having conquered territorial boundaries, it is time for man to go cross cultural boundaries and go beyond it.

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